A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Unique and Concise Descriptions

Product descriptions serve an important purpose to both the buyer and the seller. For a seller, they can be the reason for an increase in the sale of the product. And for the buyer, they serve as an overview of the product.

This is why it is important that you craft unique and concise product descriptions for your buyers. Such descriptions can help potential buyers make up their minds quickly. But how do you do it as a beginner? To help you out, we have created this guide. Let’s get started.

Guide For Beginners To Create Unique And Concise Product Descriptions

Below we’re going to mention some things that you can do to craft product descriptions that are both concise and unique.

1.     Review The Descriptions Of Your Competitor

The first thing you can do before even starting to write your product’s description is take a look at your competitors. See how they are writing their descriptions. If their product is similar to yours, you can also take a look at their features, otherwise, it’s not that important.

Doing this can help you identify what type of descriptions and product features have already been written and highlighted. Then, when you finally sit down to craft your own description for a product, you can try to make it a bit different from your competitors. This way, you can ensure uniqueness in your product’s description.

2.     Focus On The Unique Selling Points Of Your Product

To make your product’s description unique, it is obvious that you’re going to have to revolve it around the unique features and selling points of your product. Highlighting the benefits and creating a sensory experience for potential buyers can help in this regard.

To find out the unique selling points of your product, you can try using it yourself and note the benefits it provides. This way, when you write the product’s description, you’ll be speaking from experience.

Try to make the buyers understand how their life can become easier if they buy your product. Tell them features that aren’t readily apparent but can surface once they start using the product.

3.     Write The Product Descriptions In Your Brand Voice

Each brand has its own unique brand voice. It is like a personality that your brand presents to the world and its customers. For example, luxury brands usually have a formal brand voice while sportswear brands usually have a positive and inspiring one. This brand voice must run consistently through all its writing, including its product descriptions.

If you don’t have a brand voice, you need to make one. It’ll mostly depend on what your brand sells so you have to take that into consideration when making it. Once this is done, try to write all your product descriptions in the chosen style and tone.

That said, if you’ve chosen a formal brand voice and are struggling to maintain it throughout your product descriptions, then you can write in whatever style you like and try to paraphrase the descriptions in the desired tone later. This will surely take some time but what it will do is make the whole process easier for you.

If you don’t have the time, fortunately, you can use an online paraphrasing tool as most of them have a dedicated mode for professional tone attainment while paraphrasing the given content.

This way, you’ll have unique descriptions for your product as your brand voice is going to be unique and won’t match your competitors or anyone else. This can also make your brand prominent among buyers as they’ll be familiar with your brand voice in the long run.

4.     Try Not To Make The Product Descriptions Wordy And Lengthy

All the other points we’ve discussed are for ensuring that your product descriptions are unique. However, this point will solely focus on ensuring the conciseness of your product descriptions. To maintain conciseness in your descriptions, you have to try not to make them wordy and lengthy.

To avoid making your descriptions wordy, you can try not to add filler words to them like “Very”, “Really”, and “Basically”, among others. For length, you can try to only add the information that is necessary to the product descriptions. Avoid repeating the same thing in different words and be specific.

Additionally, you can also write in an active voice as sentences are usually longer than their active voice counterparts. The last thing you can do to make sure your product description’s conciseness remains maintained is you make a summary for it. Write as long as you want, include as much information as you want, and make a summary at the end.

This will help you write without disrupting your thought process. Summarizing your descriptions to shorten them can take some time and effort and if you’re not willing to go to that length then you can always use a summary generator that can summarize content.

Tools like these can help you maintain conciseness in your product descriptions. Since you’re a beginner, we recommend you use it so you can fully focus on writing the descriptions.

Final Words

Product descriptions should be unique and concise. It is because buyers usually go through them and use them to decide between buying or skipping. Creating product descriptions that fulfill this purpose while being short and unique can be difficult, especially for beginners. To help them out, we have come up with this guide.

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