How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media

How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media

There’s no doubt social media is a very powerful tool for businesses to nurture their audience, grow their brand, benefit from word-of-mouth and generate targeted leads. However, it can also encourage disgruntled customers to publically complain and leave negative feedback on a business’s social media page. Dealing with dissatisfaction for everyone else to see can be quite uncomfortable and has been one of the main reasons some businesses have delayed joining social networks.

However, it is not uncommon for businesses to turn negative comments on social media into a sales opportunity.

In order to do so, the best practice, is to acknowledge the comment fast. You don’t want to show the rest of your community you’re slow at customer service.

Then, remember to treat the disgruntled customer like you would a friend, and really listen to their concern. Apologizing by saying something like “Thank you for letting us know, we’re really sorry you had a bad experience” can really go a long way.

The next step is to offer a solution to show you’re willing to make it right.

Then, end your response by letting them know you’ll message them privately. A mistake to avoid is offering a solution publicly. Offering discounts or gifts publically might invite more people to complain to get the same treatment.

Check out this infographic on the importance and benefits of giving attention to the compliments on Social Media for businesses. Click here

Therefore, an appropriate response to a negative comment on social media could be: “Thank you for letting us know, we’re really sorry you had a bad experience. I’m sending you a private message now to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

Domino’s Pizza for example who is not immune to such comments, especially on their Facebook page, responded:

“I apologize for the service you have received, Jas! Please contact our India team directly at or for further assistance”

soon after a customer stated on social media that their pizza took an hour to be delivered.

Handling negative comments on social media fast and effectively can be a great opportunity for businesses to show publicly what a great business they are and how much they value their customers. In fact, dealing with these publicly can display an unmatched level of transparency and set some businesses apart from their competition.

When dealing with unhappy customers, businesses can choose to go a step further, and turn these customers into evangelists, by following up with them on social media, asking how they are, and if they were happy with how their concern was handled.

The biggest mistakes to avoid when receiving complaints, are ignoring the message altogether, or even worse, deleting it.

This might lead to the problem escalating and make the business look like they have no transparency.

The only time a brand or business could consider deleting a comment, is if it was inappropriate or offensive.

Remember, social media is a great opportunity for you to experience free marketing and word of mouth, and it starts with quality customer service.

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  1. Jeremiah Say

    It’s not easy to deal with negative comments. I am always controversial in my comments and needless to say I faced a lot of rejections. It used to hurt very much at first but after awhile, I somehow get used to it and it hurts lesser and lesser as time goes by. Great tip by the way!

    • Corinna Essa

      You’re right, it’s never easy! But keep on focusing on delivering the best value you can deliver, that’s what matters the most.


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