Why and Where to Use Strikethrough Text on Social Media?

When we say “social media”, the automatic image that comes to mind is that of Facebook and Twitter. But, in definition, there are a lot of other platforms that come within the ambit of social media such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

On all these types of social media platforms, there are a lot of places where you can style and decorate your text to make it stand out a little. One such style is strikethrough, which is, as the name describes, text that has a line drawn through it.

In this post, we will be looking at some of the places where you can use strikethrough text in your social media as well as why you should use it.

Why and Where to Use Strikethrough Text?

As far as looks go, strikethrough text is a pretty bland and basic thing…it’s just text with a line through it. So why and why should you use it?

There are a couple of different uses, so let’s look at them:

Humor in Chats

Strikethrough text can be used to say something…that you don’t want to actually say. In other words, if you want to humorously mention something in a message without making it part of the actual text itself, you can strike it out. In real life, this would be the equivalent of someone saying something in a loud cough to hide it but still getting it across to the reader.

In this context, strikethrough text can be used when sending messages to friends. You can mention something and then strike it through to get this effect.

Editing Purposes

Strikethrough text can also be used when you have to edit something or show your retraction of a previous statement. For example, if you want to show that you’ve omitted a certain statement from a message you sent earlier, you can copy the whole message and put a line through the omitted line.

Social Profiles

Strikethrough text can also be used if you want to make your profile name a little unique. Everyone has simple names on WhatsApp and all, but you’d very rarely find someone that has a name with a line drawn through it. It looks different and you can use that to your benefit.

How Can You Create Strikethrough Text for Social Media?

The stuff we mentioned above pertains to where you can use such text in social media. Now, let’s take a look at how you can create it, to begin with.

There are a number of different ways in which you can create strikethrough text, such as:

1.Using the in-built shortcuts such as adding the tilde (~) mark before and after the message

2.Using in-built formatting options such as the ones provided on apps like Slack

3.Using text editors and word processing software like Word and Docs to create strikethrough text and then copying it over to social media

4.Using online strikethrough text-generating tools


So, there you have it.

Using strikethrough text can be a good way to add a special flair to your social media profiles and messages. To get the right effect, you have to ensure that you use them at the right places. That is what we pretty much discussed in the post above.

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