5 Distinct Marketing Trends You Can’t Miss In 2022

The global digital landscape is continuously evolving and making changes to how it operates, especially after the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic; the marketing industry has shifted to a whole new level. 

Moreover, all businessmen and marketing professionals need to continuously remain alert of what is going on in the marketing industry and social media world. Marketing isn’t a fixed strategy but instead needs to get updated over time continuously. 

Without further ado, in this article, we will find out what the most distinct marketing trends are this year! 

5 marketing trends to pay attention to in 2022

  1. AI optimization


AI is a technology that comes along with many services. According to statistics, 37% of organizations have AI services. AI services include chatbots, content creation, and even search engines. In addition, there has been a significant increase in AI services after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

AI can analyze consumer behavior and personalize search patterns while doing so. For example, data that you gather from social platforms like Instagram blog posts help consumers and businesses understand how customers can find their products or services. 

For example, Google has put AI in the center of its mindset. A few implementations have allowed the Google search engine to understand better what people are looking for and even understand words that aren’t written well but similar. 

Moreover, it’s now more crucial than ever to make sure you nail it in your search intent and even your content optimization when you do so. In short, you can use AI to optimize your articles and ensure they rank on the first page on Google. 

2. TikTok


TikTok has been going viral in the past years. TikTok has over one billion active monthly users. Moreover, in late 2019, it experienced an unexpected growth rate of 88%, which would last for months, making TikTok go viral.  

Many marketers and even people out of the marketing industry are using TikTok as a pathway to live streaming and showcasing their products and services. However, you have to keep in mind that the younger generation mainly uses TikTok. In fact, according to statistics, 60% of TikTok users are between the age groups of 16-24

What is excellent about TikTok is the amount of organic growth you can get when using it. If you use the right keywords and have engaging content, you will get more clicks and longer watch times. 

What does that mean?! 

The more clicks and longer watch time you get, the more TikTok will recommend your video content to others. Additionally, you can learn more on how to grow your TikTok account using UNUM guidelines

3. Email marketing

Many marketers may think email marketing is outdated or a marketing strategy of the 2010s; however, this isn’t true. In fact, more than 300 billion emails are sent and received every single day! 

Emails can be sent for many reasons, some for communication purposes and others for promotional ones. Email marketing can be great for sending promotional emails that encourage your readers to learn more about you. For example, a sign-up form, subscribing to your site, and more. Of course, the best thing is to ensure you include a CTA within the email. 

However, keep in mind that you need to be good at writing emails and sound as personalized as ever. According to MailChimp, an excellent average open rate for emails in the marketing industry is anything around 2%.  

Furthermore, there are many tool options for email marketing. Even though many will turn to Mailchimp, there are many alternatives you can consider using; here are some of them (click here to learn more): 

  • Flodesk 
  • MailerLite 
  • GetResponse 
  • Mailjet 

4. Market research tools 

Living in a time where personalization is mandatory if you want to succeed with your target audience, market research tools help you do so. They are a crucial element of your success, and with the increase of competition worldwide, they’re helping you understand your audience more than ever. 

Luckily, you have more opportunities than ever to gain valuable insights from market research technology, and you longer need to get insights on the data required. Moreover, we have gathered up a few powerful marketing research tools you can use: 

  • Attest: this allows you to conduct a market research survey for free at the beginning. As a result, Attest assists marketers in achieving marketing insights quickly. Moreover, you have a competitor analysis tool that effectively sees what your competitor is doing. Additionally, you get access to more than 100 million consumers worldwide.
  • Google Trends: if you want to know what is trending in your local area and globally, Google Trends is your best bet. Google Trends shows you what most people are talking about and how long the trend has been going on. After all, you don’t want to discuss something out of date! 
  • Social mention: a simple tool to get real-time data from social media platforms. Whether it’s regarding blogs, videos, search engines in social media platforms, social mention is the best tool to use. It features sentiment analysis and estimates conducted per minute. So, for example, you put in a term, and it’ll show you how people feel about it. Similar to Google Trends, but different in some ways. Overall, we recommend you use it if you want to know your audience better! 

5. Social media platforms


Now, there are many social media platforms out there. However, even though they all have the same purposes- communicating with others, not all of them promote it the same way. Therefore, depending on what your business stands for, you can use social media platforms to learn more about your audience. For example, here are the most important and trending social media platforms you can use for business purposes: 

  • LinkedIn: if you want to establish partnerships and communicate faster than email, LinkedIn is the #1 B2B social platform in the world. Overall, LinkedIn has more than 650 million registered users, and more than half of them are active monthly. So, if you are looking to hire a new candidate or even start a side hustle, LinkedIn grants you all of these abilities. 
  • Instagram: even though many will claim that Instagram is best for personal chatting. Instagram is the best social media platform to use for promoting your content. In fact, more than 400 million stories are posted every day on Instagram, and when more users view it, Instagram will recommend your content on its search page. Additionally, you have the power of hashtags which you can use in your post description to expand your reach level! 
  • Facebook (Meta): Since 2004, Facebook is a long-living legend in the social media game and has effective advertising campaigns that you can use. Even though Facebook doesn’t promote organic growth but does excellent in paid advertising. Overall, it has the most active users in the world- 3 billion. However, the average age group of Facebook in each country differs. Moreover, it is expected to be around 30-40 years old worldwide. So, if you want to target an older audience, Facebook is your best choice.  
  • YouTube: Youtube is a long-living legend in the social media world. Up from 2005, YouTube wasn’t well-known initially, but only after a few years, it boomed in popularity. Even today, it is an effective social platform for promoting your product and services if you’re using video marketing to promote your content. Moreover, YouTube allows you to set up paid ads to gain more exposure during the beginning of your YouTube channel. 

Wrapping it up 

Well, that’s about it for this article. These were our five marketing trends that you can use for your business and not miss out on this year. The marketing industry is constantly evolving day by day, and what you see trending today most likely won’t be the same story tomorrow. Therefore, you must always keep up with trending topics and ensure you take full advantage of them. 

Take into account what your business can do to keep up with trending topics in the marketing industry and always try to give your audience what they want and promote better content than your competitors. In addition, you want to provide an excellent first impression for those who visit your site for the first time.

Figure out how you can take advantage of current marketing trends and ensure that your content is continuously updated. After all, success in marketing is continuously updating the way you promote content and not sticking to the same traditional methods.

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