Why Are So Many Brands Pouring Millions Of Dollars Into Video Marketing?

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Brand behaviour is changing. The primary marketing channel is changing. It’s no longer blogging. Instead, brands are becoming utterly obsessed with video. 

But what’s going on here? Why is this happening? Why are more than 90 percent of businesses now saying that they intend to either use video next year or at some point in the near future?

The SEO Value

Imagine if you could do something that increases your SEO strategy by 50X. You’d do it right? Well, that’s precisely what video offers. Compared to standard text, estimates suggest that it is around fifty times more effective than conventional methods for improving ranking in SERPs

This is happening because of how search engines, like Google, value video. They know that users actually prefer to watch something rather than read it, so they’re keen to promote it.

Landing pages with video content are favored by search engines. So including an engaging animated explainer video content on your product page will not only educate your potential consumers but will also help with your SEO strategies.

The People Value

The fact that users love it is a reason in itself to get involved in video production. If it’s something that consumers want, give them as much of it as you can. 

In this context, a Manchester video production company can be a valuable partner. These companies have the expertise and equipment to produce high-quality videos that captivate audiences and effectively convey your message. They understand the nuances of video production and can help you create content that resonates with your target audience.

People generally find video the most convenient way to consume content. They are much more likely to remember what they watch.

The Return On Investment

While videos typically require more resources to create compared to other forms of outbound marketing, they also offer the highest return on investment. Each video you produce is much more likely to generate sales than, say, the marketing emails that you send out. 

Marketers generally agree. The vast majority say that video offers them a good return on investment, while only a minority feel like they are wasting their money. 

Part of this has to do with how easily people can film videos these days. All you need is a smartphone and you can instantly generate compelling content, wherever you are. 

The Versatility

Marketers and firms often forget about the sheer versatility of video. You can use it in all sorts of ways. You don’t just have to use it like a TV advert. 

For instance, you could leverage video to go “behind the scenes” at your enterprise, showing customers how you operate. You could also create explainer videos, describing how to use your products. Some brands use video for webinars and live content via streaming services. 

Explore your options and consider which is best for your brand. Almost certainly, you’ll find something that fits perfectly. 

You Can Go Into More Detail

It’s hard to go into detail when marketing. You usually only have a few seconds to communicate with your audience. TV ads, for instance, need to be over in less than half a minute. 

Video, though, gives you a chance to explain more about your services and what you sell. You can cover all the various pain points that you don’t have time to address via your standard marketing approaches. 

Explanations can go a long way in marketing. In many cases, consumers won’t actually understand the full value proposition of what you offer. When you explain it to them, it helps them justify parting with their hard-earned cash. 

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