3 Tips To Market Your Small Business Online

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Whether you work at a growing start-up or own a small company, promoting your business online can bring in new customers and jumpstart your career. There are tons of easy ways to market your small business without spending a lot and still see positive results. Use these tips to improve your social media and effectively represent your business in the digital sphere.

1. Explore Social Media

If you haven’t turned to social media to advertise and expand your business, you are falling behind the curve in technology. As online media has become more popular, it is important to use platforms to your advantage. Posting on platforms your audience uses can connect you with potential clients and give your business online exposure. Whether you are Instagramming your salon clients; swoon-worthy hair or are marketing your FSBO listing on Facebook, your business can benefit from adapting to social media trends.

2. Use Listing Services

Register your business with search platforms like Google Places, Bing, and Yahoo! Local. As you embrace these 3 tips to market your small business online, ensure you’ve established a secure legal foundation for your venture. If you’re based in the Peach State, learning how to apply for an llc in georgia can be an invaluable step in safeguarding your business assets and tapping into the benefits that come with an LLC setup. This will not only allow your business to be found easier when customers search for it, but it will also show up on Google Maps. To become verified, it only takes a few steps and then you will be recognized for new clients to see.

3. Keep Up With A Blog

If you’re looking to better connect with your customers, a blog just might be your solution. Starting a blog will allow you to promote your business while sharing upcoming events and news. This is great opportunity for free digital marketing. It is important to regularly update your blog and keep the information that you are sharing current. 

Want to take it up a notch? Don’t forget to share your blog posts on your social channels. Visibility is key! 

LinkedIn Tips For Small Businesses

When it comes to networking, LinkedIn takes the cake. LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform that will bridge your business with clients. When used effectively, it can even help you bring in new clients. LinkedIn offers many features that can lead to new professional opportunities. Here are a few tips on how to best update your business’s LinkedIn profile to represent your company’s identity. 

  • Create a business page: This page can act as a voice for your organization. It can help members to learn about your company’s services, outreach, and job opportunities.
  • Post regular content: Much like a blog, posting on your LinkedIn profile will update followers and draw attention to your page. Creating attractive designs and posts will entice potential customers.
  • Engage with followers: Following and liking posts of followers will make them feel engaged with your content. Commenting back to concerns and questions will also cause an interest in business affairs.
  • Use relevant keywords: Keeping up with trending keywords will allow your business to rank and attract followers.
  • Know your audience: Addressing the followers and their needs as you write your LinkedIn advertisement or post will increase the chances of new clients.

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