Top 5 Social Media Tools for Ecommerce Store Owners

Top 5 Social Media Tools for Ecommerce Store Owners

By Alice Herman



Social media has become a superpower in this digital age as it is heavily influencing the lifestyle and behaviors of billions of people globally. The fact that there are over 3.5 billion active social media users globally shows the popularity of it.


It is evident that in recent years social media has emerged as the key influencer of online shopping behavior of people and it presents a great opportunity for eCommerce platforms to attract, engage, and convert a massive audience.


5 Top Social Media Tools to Grow Your Ecommerce Business


We have listed 5 social media tools that can help your eCommerce to reap the benefits of social media and grow your business to new levels.


  1. TaggShop

TaggShop is a social commerce platform that lets you discover and curate amazing social content especially user-generated content from different social media platforms into a single social feed.



You can use hashtags, profiles, keywords, timelines, and more to find the most relevant and engaging content for your eCommerce and collect it. The social feed can then be customized to make it more attractive, engaging, and interactive for the users. 


With TaggShop, you can harness UGC and add shoppability to it and make it shoppable content where users can engage and buy directly from the content. This social media tool helps in making the purchase journey shorter with instant shopping along with building trust & reliability through UGC. 


Also, you can increase social exposure & awareness, user engagement, website vibrancy, convenient shopping, save time, content diversity, and drive traffic from social media that will lead to increased eCommerce conversions & sales.


It is extremely easy to create shoppable UGC feed with social content and embed it easily on your website by pasting the given HTML code on your website backend.


  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is known as a social media management tool that helps you manage and schedule content posts for your social media profiles. It does not directly relate to eCommerce but it can help in increasing your eCommerce engagement and conversions through social media. 



Besides, Hootsuite also offers social media listening functionality that monitors other social media accounts, audience engagement management, and keyword mention monitoring. 


This social media tool helps you increase your productivity and time management along with content scheduling across different social profiles allowing you to effectively generate traffic towards your eCommerce store. 


As even for eCommerce, social presence and activity are quite necessary for exposure, extended reach, awareness, lead generation ultimately leading to conversions. 


  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is not particularly a social media tool but it is highly relevant to both eCommerce and social media platforms. Google analytics when integrated with any website provides deeper insights into audience behavior on the platform.


How it relates to social media is that it helps in showcasing what social platforms are redirecting traffic, how much traffic each social platform is channelizing, and more detailed insights into each social activity. 


You can also measure the performance of social media campaigns, their returns on investment, engagement, leads, and conversions from social media. You can even set up social conversion tracking goals to analyze the impact of social media on your eCommerce. 


Based on these insights, you can make more refined and targeted efforts for your next social media campaigns which will increase the returns with minimal investment. 


  1. Canva

Canva is a social media tool for graphic design that is immensely helpful in creating amazing visuals for your social marketing activities. As an eCommerce, you constantly have offers, contests, or sales on your platform and social media is a great way to promote it.



With Canva, you can amplify your visual marketing strategy with amazing social banners, post designs, images, and much more. Visuals are way more engaging than the textual content.


Not just visuals, but this social media tool can also let you create brochures, worksheets, infographics, etc. that can be leveraged to attract and engage the social audiences and channelize them to your eCommerce platform.  


  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that includes functionalities like social listening, post scheduling, communications, and social analytics.



It allows you to create a distinct profile for each of your customers with its Nifty CRM feature. It includes conversations, contact information, notes, and more. Besides, it also has a smart inbox to manage message communications from different social networks. 


Also, gain valuable insights into your customers with the detailed analytics feature. This is an excellent social media tool for wholesome management of social media profiles for your eCommerce. 


Communication is a key element that can be tremendously useful for eCommerce platforms over social media as it allows users to interact which can help them make more informed decisions.



These are some of the best social media tools for eCommerce platforms to effectively manage and leverage social media for maximum returns on investments.


Social media is not just restricted to marketing campaigns these days, you can also leverage it sell drive conversions and build meaningful relationships with your customers. 


So, analyze and choose the best suitable social media tools for your eCommerce platform to see how social media can help you grow your eCommerce.


About the author: I’m Alice Herman, a digital marketer, and technical writer who is passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and marketing. 

Twitter Handle: @AliceHerman_usa


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