How Increase Social Media Traffic

How Increase Social Media Traffic

Using social media for more traffic to a website or blog can be extremely effective. In fact, most website owners who are using social media as a traffic generation channel claim that social networks are among their 3 top traffic sources.

The traditional way of generating social media traffic has been to publish text-based posts with links which redirect to further information on the user’s website. When these types of posts started becoming less efficient due to ad fatigue and criticized for being too pushy and non conversational, marketers had to become more creative.

Creative ways of generating social media traffic have been to use hashtags to reach a wider audience, visual content and keyword-based content.

However content creation, and more specifically, creative content creation tends to be time consuming and a drain on resources, especially with businesses being on more than one social network and having to tailor their content according to each platform. These social media marketing requirements have led to businesses not updating their profiles with content for weeks, sometimes even months, and therefore missing out on the benefits of social networking.

Curating content, meaning the process of gathering relevant content from other sources and publishing it on social media has enabled marketers and business owners to overcome the challenges of content creation. However, curating content has its limitations too. Directing traffic to other places than a company’s touch points leads to missed opportunities to establish their own particular voice, customer loyalty and their own industry authority.

This is why tools such as can come in handy. is not only a link shortener, it also allows ads to be displayed on the web page of the shortened link.

For example, should you be in the health and fitness industry and you wish to share on social media an article published on a health and fitness related website, you would simply shorten the link using Then, when your audience members would click on the shortened link to read the whole article, your ad would also appear at the bottom of the web page. Your ad could simply consist of a sentence such as “Discover the power of these food supplements to increase your metabolism” and a call to action such as “click here to find out more”. is a free tool which allows you to shorten an unlimited number of links and set up an unlimited number of ad variations. By using you not only solve the challenge of content creation but also simultaneously leverage other sources of content for more blog traffic and website traffic.

An added benefit of is its ability to track clicks, conversions and the average time spent on the landing page as well as the average time spent on your website, allowing you to fine tune your campaigns accordingly.

To find out more about using social media for more blog traffic and website traffic, and discover more social media tips, make sure to watch the video above.

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  1. Fabio

    What a powerful,yet simple traffic strategy. Thanks for sharing. Really appreciated 🙂

    • Corinna Essa

      Thanks Fabio!

  2. Branislav

    Corina, can you send me a list of presentations from Social media summit? I want to buy whole video, but I want to know, that it is valuable content.

    • Corinna Essa

      Hi Branislav,

      Here is what we covered:

      How to profit from the latest SM trends
      How to find a profitable target market
      Youtube: How to build a huge audience thanks to content marketing (includes live demo)
      Overview of each platform (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
      Social Media strategic planning
      How to convert social media traffic into leads and sales
      Audience building and conversion on Instagram
      How to increase engagement on social media
      Audience building secrets revealed
      How to build a big audience thanks to paid advertising
      The Fast Launch Formula

      Hope this helps!

  3. Habit reCodw

    You really do give us great advice and tips.
    I will deffinately be promoting my habit accountability app with this.

    Thank you 🙂

    Habit recode

    • Hhabit recode

      And that is a timely reminder of why you should always spell check before posting a comment.

      • Corinna Essa


    • Corinna Essa

      Thank you ! Glad you found it useful 🙂

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