5 Ways Your Brand Can Grab Attention


It can feel impossible to compete with larger businesses, especially when your budget pales in comparison. However, just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Smaller brands just need to know how to grab attention and attract customers. So what techniques can you use to draw customers in to visit your store or browse your website? 


Signage is perfect for capturing attention even if the customers are too far away to know what you’re selling. A bright and captivating sign immediately draws their eyes to your store, so you’ve already done the hard part. From there, you can use the information on the sign, such as “50% Off!” or “Sale!” to bring people in. Using corflute signs is an excellent tactic for any business and is particularly useful for a newly launched brand or one that needs to increase its sales. 

Free Stuff 

Similarly, remember that everyone loves free stuff, so giving away freebies in your store, on your website, or even at industry events can make a huge difference. These freebies don’t need to be too exciting, the fact they are free is usually enough. Therefore, reusable water bottles, keychains, or flash drives are great ideas. Include your company name, logo, and contact information so people can contact you later. 

Doing Something Different 

Innovation will always help businesses get ahead and get noticed, but you may feel like everything that could be done has been done. Still, there are always opportunities to do something unique, you just need to think outside the box and consider what could grab your customers’ attention. Hosting events, charity runs, or product launches in weird places can all garner publicity. Even if it isn’t significantly different from other approaches, the positive spin and coverage should be enough to get people talking about your company. 


If your business has become stale and feels outdated, relaunching could be the perfect solution. A relaunch helps your brand refresh, as you reconsider your strategy and announce your new approach to sales, marketing, and the wider industry. However, a relaunch isn’t something you can decide overnight. It takes time to arrange the various elements that ensure the process succeeds. It’s also worth considering anything you’d change, such as renewing your website or updating your logo to modernize your image. 


A relaunch may not be necessary but you still want to find ways to get your business noticed and grab attention. Your business could benefit from influencer marketing to raise brand awareness and encourage collaboration with other influencers as your image grows and improves. Collaboration is a fantastic way to maximize your reach without considering the trickier side of exploring or moving into new markets. Instead, you can work with partners, such as influencers, to gauge how well your brand does in these new markets before deciding whether it’s worth it. 

Hey You! 

Attracting more customers is crucial for building your business. You can explore various options that will grab attention but you also must ensure that your efforts, products, or services are enough to make your new customers stick around. 

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