Why Giving Away Freebies Could Be Your Small Business’s Secret Weapon

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When you think of freebies, what immediately comes to mind? Do you instantly think about the free samples that grocery stores give out? How about those swag bags that big booths at conventional give out? If you scroll long enough on social media, especially on Facebook and IG, you’re going to see plenty of social media ads offering freebies, just some small free samples. 

In fact, there are even social media pages, websites, and even subreddits dedicated to people being on the hunt for freebies. Yep, the old saying “the best things in life are free” can be a goldmine for your business. So, with that said, how? Well, let’s dive into why giving away free samples and branded goodies can do wonders for your brand!

What’s So Great About Freebies?

When it comes to your business’s success, you usually have to try various marketing approaches. Yes, by all means, you should definitely still keep doing social media marketing. But of course, you need to try other forms of marketing, too. For example, those ads mentioned earlier about a free sample are both freebie marketing and social media marketing combined. So, with that said, what’s so great about freebie marketing, and how exactly could this even work?

First Impressions Matter

Think about how you feel when you get something for free. Pretty good, right? That’s exactly how potential customers feel when they try your product at no cost. It’s a risk-free way for them to get to know what you sell, which can build trust and leave a positive, lasting impression.

Your Name Goes Places

Imagine someone using a pen with your logo at a busy office or sipping coffee from a mug that has your brand at a popular cafe. That’s your name, traveling far and wide. Every time someone uses your branded items, they’re getting your name out there, turning everyday objects into mini-billboards for your business. 

Now, of course, this can’t just be cheap quality stuff. For example, if you’re giving out pens with your logo, and they’re junk, pretty will just toss them out, and they won’t use them.  So, by all means, make sure you’re getting high-quality items; you can click here and find an array of high-quality products that people will be more than happy to have as freebies!

People Talk

And what do people do when they discover something great? They talk about it. Whether it’s a tasty little sample at the grocery store, a handy tool, or a stylish t-shirt, if your freebie hits the mark, people will share their findings with friends and family. You have to keep in mind that the oldest form of marketing, i.e., word-of-mouth, to this day, is still incredibly powerful—after all, a recommendation from a friend beats an ad any day.

One of the Best Ways to Get a Lead

The whole point of free samples is to promote your brand and allow people to try products before they buy them. Even when it comes to freebies (like branded products), there’s still a lead. On top of that, there’s another angle to this, too. Freebies can be a clever way to gather contact information from potential customers. Maybe you can ask for an email address in exchange for a sample or a follow-up on social media for a chance to win a prize.

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