How SSL is a Major Part Of Social Media Marketing

Millions of different activities, actions, operations, and functions are happening every millisecond on the internet, either by humans or bots. Most of the activities take place on social media channels, thanks to billions of people using them daily. For businesses, social media portals are a good place to run their marketing campaigns. With the large audiences to target, the chances of success are massive, regardless of how big the competition can be.

Though opportunities are endless, there is one common problem that all businesses face, even when promoting their venture on social media channels: cyberthreats. A business faces different types of digital challenges on social media channels, and unfortunately, not all marketing teams are trained to handle them.

So let’s find out why marketing teams fail to handle social media threats and how you can help them.

The problems of social media cyber threats

Malware and impersonation are two distinctive cyber threats with varying danger levels. For example, you can find that one of your employees has been impersonated to steal sensitive data from your website, and you may find yourself in a situation where your company’s private credentials have been taken. Both are threats, but the latter is very dangerous.

There is various software available that you can choose to handle these risks and notify your workers and you about the problem. When handling the issue, several marketing teams may not be well-equipped. Either they don’t know how to handle the situation or fail to address it. And delay in addressing the problem may make the situation worse.

Enter SSL Certification

Why do you need an SSL Certificate for social media marketing?

Obviously, social media marketing safety awareness is important for you as a brand and for your customers as shoppers. Having an SSL certificate makes a major difference here. If your site doesn’t appear secure, you could be losing business. People want their information to stay safe and private, even on social media platforms. They don’t want their current location, birthdates, anniversary dates, and nicknames to reach the hands of hackers. And it is a good way to show people that you understand their concerns by securing your social media pages with an SSL Certificate.

An SSL Certificate offers an additional layer of security to your page. SSL secures the usernames and passcodes. SSL certificates encode private information that users submit through forms and also secure your financial data.

Apart from securing the channel, an SSL certificate also offers different advantages. A website that requires an SSL certificate should choose a reputable certificate authority. There are different CA out there with their own SSL certs. Thawte SSL certification for example, offers great benefits for social media marketing.

Get an SEO boost

In 2014, Google announced that HTTPS would be a ranking aspect for website ranking on search engine results. And, with time, Google plans to strengthen it as it wants all websites to transfer from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe online.

So, to abide by Google’s policies, companies have used this technique. When promoting their products and services on social media and while linking their page with their website, it is important to use the Thawte SSL certificate for websites so that visitors feel safe once they reach the website after seeing it advertised online. SSL certificates increase privacy and security online. Whether you are mobile traffic or desktop traffic, it makes online browsing, shopping safe for all.

Use SSL certificate as a marketing strategy

Though people browse secure sites, it doesn’t mean they know what it means. So, it would be best if you advertised it after installing Thawte SSL certificates on your domain and subdomain. An SSL certificate offers you more leverage on important pages. 

Use your social media platforms to promote your website’s SSL Certification and ensure your visitors that their data will remain secure and private.

Enhance your brand using HTTPS

Whether you have a big or small business, you can become the target of hackers and identity thieves. Hackers usually target smaller sites because they don’t have the time to set up an SSL certificate. 

But with Thawte SSL certificates installed on your website, your visitors will trust you and rely on you. They will know they are on the right website and engage with you.

Thawte is a reliable brand and is trusted worldwide. With an SSL certificate, you know your website is secure. It offers sturdy authentication and encryption, ensuring visitors’ information and transactions are safe. 

Implicit trust with safe websites

Customers easily trust websites that have the Thawte SSL certificate as it shows HTTPS and a green padlock. Having inefficient or outdated safety on your website will turn people’s attention away from your website. It creates a sense of suspicion in their minds, and customers eventually leave your website.

Choose a reliable agency to do the safeguarding for you

If you don’t have an in-house team to choose the right SSL certificate for you, then hire a cybersecurity agency. They possess the right skills to take the necessary steps to protect you.

In terms of social media marketing, such a company will ensure that the issues are handled instantly! This lowers the threats of cyber risks and gives more time to your employees to handle other marketing needs rather than worrying about cyber security problems.

Threats can occur anywhere. It can occur on social media channels or your website. Irrespective of that, work with a reputable SSL Certification company to get the best certification suitable for your website. It will ensure that your marketing efforts are safe and prepare your business for cyber-attacks. Remember, danger can reveal itself when you least expect it. But following good security practices will help you identify them and prevent them from causing any damage to your business.

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