Social Media Marketing Secrets for Event Planners

Social Media Marketing Secrets for Event Planners

Being a member of the social media management team, you must have an idea about what a social wall is. If not, this article is all you need to read to know about it.

A social wall is an unparallel method to boost social interaction at an event. It connects the attendees and engages them to create a social impact on behalf of the brand and event. It is an ideal tool to encourage followers to share posts and participate in your marketing activities.

Social walls display eye-pleasing user-generated content with the help of a UGC platform, that sparks an emotional response, to make it look appealing for the worldwide users on all the social media platforms.

What’s a Social Wall?

Displaying social content, mostly in the form of real-time feed of posts, videos, photos, and text. The wall pulls in the content from various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Let the event-goers interact with your brand in real-time and creates a visual footprint for a better reach than just at a personal or organizational level.

Initially, social walls were usually used at events, but with its technical advantages and social approach, it evolved and expanded towards other purposes as well.

Purposeful Evolutions

With the evolution of the social walls, it has got several purposes at different spaces. Here are some perfect versions of social walls to serve specific purposes.

The Retailer’s Screen

Social walls have been used at brick and mortar stores to influence buying decisions. The authentic user-generated content displayed on the digital screens at the retailer stores validates the customer and helps encourage them to engage with your brand for further transactions.


Social walls are often used to boost morale in a working environment. Internal communications and people operation teams display the content and comments from customers to motivate their team members. The stakeholders can have access to this content for reference.

Corporate Monitoring

Social media war rooms at several corporations need to have an eye on what is being shared on the web about their company. Social walls help them keep a track of all the content that gets online relevant to the corporation or the industry so that they could monitor the activities done by their competitors and for quick customer support.

For the Live Events

Big screens at events are cool. But what if it displays your photo? It would be cooler, right!

The real-time nature of the social media walls makes them ideal for live events. With an automatic feed of content curated from multiple social media platforms, guests can be easily entertained and updated regarding further activities at the event.

Showcasing user-submitted posts, photos, and videos in real-time is an excellent idea to build hype and excitement amongst attendees. This will encourage other attendees to take snaps and share it on social media with the unique hashtag, to get featured on the social wall.

Points to consider while choosing a Social Wall Platform

There are numerous social media aggregator tools available online to serve you with modern and creative social walls. And these points which are about to be discussed will help you decide the choicest tool from all the best ones. These are crucial aspects that can create a major impact on the event and the attendees present there.

1. Reliability

Check whether the company has appropriate experience with event-specific social walls. Have a look at the user review of each tool. Possibly, choose a platform that is in the segment for more than three years. Know whether they offer upgraded support packages and what is their USP.

2. Price

Make sure the price of the social wall fits in the budget of your event. Enquire about the charges: whether they are charging per post, screen, or event. You must look for a package according to the requirements of your event.

3. Aesthetics

The social wall and its look are very vital for the reputation of your brand and visual appeal for the attendees. An expertized social media aggregator can design a creative yet professional social media wall to meet your event requirements.

4. Customizability

Ensure the social media aggregator tool lets you customize the social wall to add branding factors. At an event, it is apt to display the company logo and sponsors branding as well. See whether the customizable options add worth to the social wall.


Now, you know the purposes and ideas behind the use of a social media wall at an event. It should leave an impact to lift the brand reputation and event engagement.

With an idea of what your brand wants, a UGC platform like Taggbox and SociableKIT delivers trendy and professional social media wall solutions. Make sure to choose the creative templates and customize it to give a professional finish, so that the event turns into a success for your brand and its vision.

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