How to Become Famous on Tiktok

How to Become Famous on Tiktok

With up to 800 million users, getting famous on Tiktok is no mean feat. There is a virtual war for views by content creators. Almost everyone wants to go viral. That’s why you should always buy TikTok followers from a reputable brand like Social Zinger to establish your authority on TikTok.

You’ve probably seen a few viral videos that have made people famous. Looking to be famous on Tiktok? It’s never too late to become famous on Tiktok. You need to learn how Tiktok works, create excellent content and build a following.

In addition, you need to be consistent and think outside the box. Luckily for you, in this post, I will show you a method to get Tiktok likes and grow a following. Unless your videos go viral, you need to be patient and consistent to get there.

Join me as I show you how to become famous on Tiktok on famous.

Is It Easy To Get Tiktok Famous?

It’s never easy to get famous on Tiktok within a short period. Unless you have killer content that goes viral, getting famous takes time, consistency, and effort. The good news is that you’ll eventually get there.

Tiktok has been there for a while now and several people have become famous for it. However, this does not mean you still can’t become famous.

You need to choose an interesting niche and start off with an interesting video. Use trending sounds and keep the video as short as possible. If your content is entertaining and of good quality, you’ll eventually become famous.

This leads us to our next question. How to become famous on Tiktok.

How to Become Famous on Tiktok

In this section, I’ll show you what to do to become famous on Tiktok. As I mentioned earlier, this is not something you do overnight.

Step 1: Create Engaging Videos

Once you’ve chosen a niche you like, you’ll need to create engaging videos. Why engaging videos? Because Tiktok metrics like videos that engage their audiences.

In many ways, Tiktok works like other social media sites. They love content that engages users. You’ll be seen more when your videos engage followers. They have an algorithm that rewards engaging content.

When it comes to engagement, it’s content that allows sharing, commenting, liking, saving, and much more. Make sure you regularly respond to comments from your viewers. If possible, take time and reply to every comment.

Before you get excited about replying, your videos must be entertaining and disruptive. Tiktok is not for conservatives. When creating videos, you need to bring out the wackiest and wildest part of you. Some of the best genres that get traction fast include magical illusions, fashion & makeup, comedy, skits, challenges, etc.

Get a newsworthy topic and create engaging content based on the topics.

Step 2: Use Hashtags

Secondly, you need to use relevant hashtags to promote your content. When you use hashtags, there are high chances of your content being watched over and over again.

Using hashtags is more like labeling your content. Hashtags are clickable and once people click on them, they’ll be taken to content with the same hashtag. One person searching your hashtag might end up watching your video several times. This is why you need the videos to be a few seconds short.

Overall, using hashtags makes it easier for you to be found on Tiktok. Hashtags on Tiktok are no different from Twitter. They ensure content is organized and easy to find.

Step 3: Connect with Other Famous Accounts

You’re never going to succeed in Tiktok by doing it alone. Almost everyone on Tiktok wants to become famous. However, most are not in competition. Take time and network with fellow Tiktokers. It’s a great way to connect, learn and collaborate.

Start by liking their videos, commenting, and sending them a DM. You’ll end up learning a thing or two. Furthermore, support from a more famous Tiktoker will propel you.

Step 4: Keep Making New Videos!

High-quality videos and consistent posting are everything in Tiktok. Unlike most social media channels that limit how many times you can post, there are no limits in Tiktok. Consistent posting will get you more followers. However, make sure you maintain excellent content quality.

Posting daily quality content is the key to any success in Tiktok. For example, Netflix tried consistent posting and hit 21.3 million followers in no time. They did 5-6 videos a day! Can you manage that?

The point is to remain consistent while ensuring you maintain the best quality possible. Apart from consistent posting, you need to choose the right time to post. This is the time when your videos will get more views. Do some research and find the best times to post for your customers.

How Do I Get My Tiktok Seen?

You can be seen on Tiktok by using hashtags and quippy captions. With your video out there, you’ll need people to see it and like it. Make the video sharable and use hashtags that make it easier to be found.

You can also use trending sounds which makes it easier for the video to be found. Tiktok algorithms will show the video to people that have played videos with the same sounds.

You can also identify trends in the market and join them. Quickly identify some trends and make content around them ASAP. This does not mean copying what others are doing. Just be creative and create content on the same topic but in a fun way.

Generally, you want to be creative and think outside the box to be seen on Tiktok. Your content needs to be unique and stand out. You can also use influencers with a lot of followers to gain traction.

How Many Followers Are Considered Tiktok Famous?

There is no specific number set by Tiktok for one to be famous. However, Tiktokers with over 500K followers are considered famous. These are people that have their videos getting over 500 full views in an hour after release.

We’ve seen a few cases where Tiktokers have garnered thousands of followers and become famous overnight. However, the content must be viral and quite exciting to get views, likes, and shares.

You need at least 10K followers before you can even think of monetizing your account. Hitting 500 views in an hour is great. However, you’ll need to get thousands of views to consider yourself famous.

Videos getting 1000-3000 views are considered mid-tier accounts. Generally, you need tens of thousands of views to even consider yourself famous.

Final Thoughts

Well, getting famous on Tiktok is not easy but possible when you know what to do. Follow our tips on this article and you’ll see massive growth in your Tiktok accounts. Most of the big influencers you see didn’t do it overnight.

You need a proper niche, high-quality videos, consistent posting, and proper use of hashtags to grow your account. Connect with other tiktokers and keep making new videos. You’ll soon have a following and become a famous Tiktoker.

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