Hottest Social Media Topics for 2023

What’s breaking through in social media for 2023? In addition to old favorites like dating discussions and celebrity chat, computer users are getting serious about financial matters by exchanging ideas on personal loans, attempting to solve real-life crimes, and pooling their knowledge about how to find decent jobs in a wayward economy. Subjects on the top social media sites are always changing. Here are details about the most popular discussion topics this year.

Personal Loans

When social media broke through as a major force in the modern online marketplace, the focus was on dating, light discussion, exchanging photos, and posting funny stories. In the past five years, that friendly tone has given way to a more businesslike attitude. Now, many spend hours discussing the ins and outs of finance, home buying, and borrowing. In fact, detailed conversations about personal loans are a huge part of the overall discussion on hundreds of websites, in chat rooms, and in podcasts.

One reason the topic of borrowing is so pervasive is that, in a weak economy, millions of working people are discovering the benefits of taking out personal loans to pay for essentials in times of need. That’s good news for borrowers who face situations like unexpected medical bills, vacation expenses, vehicle repair bills, and more. Personal borrowing has always been a smart way for consumers to get through financial downturns, particularly when there’s a lot of competition in the loan market, as there is in the early 2020s.

True Crime & Sleuthing

In an era when it’s simple to use online tools to find out about the personal lives of others, it’s no wonder that computer-based sleuthing has acquired a massive following. There are several major websites that serve as bases of operation for amateur sleuths who hunt for clues in major crimes, attempt to locate missing persons, or delve into cold cases that are decades old. People who frequent these kinds of platforms bring unique talents to the pursuit of solutions. Some are retired law enforcement officers, while others are psychologists, writers, cyber security specialists, and medical experts. Look for internet-based crime solving to grow, both as a hobby and a professional pursuit for people of varied backgrounds.

Celebrity News & Dating Tips

Without celebrities, some would have nothing to talk about. As is the case with so many things related to the internet, there are some strange developments in celebrity related forums online. Many of them are dedicated to a single individual and serve as a one-stop shop for information about the famous person. For film stars, sports figures, and music personalities, there is literally no end to the information offered on various social media platforms. The situation is similar for social accounts dedicated to dating advice. The subject was one of the first to appear in online discussion forums in the 1990s when the net was a brand-new phenomenon.

Job Hunting

Even before social media was a thing, millions of people gravitated to discussion forums and chat rooms to develop interpersonal skills and exchange helpful tips about how to find gainful employment. As the economy worsens, social media platforms and other conversation spots in cyberspace are filling up with those who want advice about every part of the job hunting process. On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and dozens of other socials, many college grads and laid off workers leverage the power of the internet’s vast reach to find jobs in every conceivable niche.

In fact, there are several platforms that specialize in employment-related topics, let users post resumes, and sponsor webinars on how to find work. In an ironic twist that could only take place in the 2020s, some intrepid job hunters have found work as paid job-finders for others. What’s the social media connection? Most of the hunting takes place via free social platforms and discussion rooms where the self-employed agents sniff out leads for a fee.

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