Graphic Design Memes: Graphic Design is My Passion Meme and Where it Came From

A meme is an image, behavior, or style that spreads via the Internet. It is used to spread laughter or make a sarcastic comment on something or someone. For instance, as a designer, you will regularly encounter several struggles and frustrations. While these things are real, it’s best not to take them too seriously, and you can always find memes that make fun of them.

In this blog post, you will find information about the graphic design ins my passion meme circulated all over the Internet.

What Is “Graphic Design Is My Passion” Expression?

“Graphic design is my passion” is used as an expression by design artists and graphic design firms for advertisement. It is parodied as a sarcastic slogan that influences and attracts potential clients. The meme generally contains a clip cartoon character imposed over a dark background with that slogan.

You can find different versions of this meme floating across the Internet. You might find some of these memes funny or sarcastic. It all depends on how you interpret the images in the meme.

Where Did It Come From?

The ‘graphic design ins my passion‘meme first appeared on Tumblr in July 2014. A Tumblr user Yungterra uploaded a green cartoon frog with a photo of a hazy sky, and the ‘graphic design is my passion’ expression besides the frog image.

The slogan was written in Papyrus typeface, and it received a huge response from the users. The meme received around 352,000 comments in the next year. The green cartoon frog displayed in the meme can be found in Classroom Clipart and its copyright date back to 2011. Since this meme was created, there has been no turning back.

Many Examples Followed

Taking the cue from this viral meme, many users started uploading their versions of this meme to express their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. For example, in 2015, a Tumblr user “Hatchergold” uploaded a photo with the caption “Staff is like,” which received 131,000 comments in eight months.

Since 2014, several new memes about ‘Graphic design is my passion’ surfaced on the Internet. Some instances used moving graphics, while others used Word Art Paint to make the slogan more attractive or funny. An animated gif of the phrase ‘Graphic design is my passion’ surfaced on the Tumblr platform, and it received more than 144 000 comments in two months.

What Does the Meme Mean?

Art design companies and designers generally use the meme as a joking insult for poor design. The Internet community embraced this meme and directed it to mock designers who take their work too seriously. The expression of this meme is used to mock several low-quality graphic designs available on the Internet.

Some of these meme instances are directed to amateur designers that use tools like Word, paint, and other free tools to create professional designs. On the other hand, some memes were directed to designers that showed a lack of patience when creating their designs.

The meme is a perfect expression to show why designers need loads of time and money to create designs, and the community straightforwardly gets the right message.

Some memes found on the Internet will possibly question your career choice as a designer, while some will make you laugh wholeheartedly. Whatever the case, this meme has created history, and it will continue to mock and inspire future designers.

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