8 Must-Do Instagram Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

8 Must-Do Instagram Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

With Instagram being home to one billion active users it is growing into a social media platform that could outpace Facebook in terms of user base if its users continue to grow. The visually-appealing social network has become the most sophisticated social media platform for many as it is a picture dominant platform that makes people stay glued to it. Plus, the introduction of IGTV is another interesting feature that makes people stick to the platform. With its large user base, Instagram could be used as an effective medium for small businesses as it most probably attracts your target audience

Instagram may be an excellent venue to market your products, but it does not guarantee instant success. You can only reap the benefits of using the famous social media platform if you already know what products to sell online. Finding the best and most profitable products to sell on Instagram can be challenging. After all, the choices seem endless. However, you can start by thinking about what purpose you want your products to serve. One of the ways you can do so is to identify and understand your target audience.

Know Your Audience:

The success of your business heavily relies on how deeply you have understood your audience. Having a thorough knowledge of your audience is the most essential factor for any form of marketing irrespective of whether it’s traditional or digital marketing. Every product is aimed at specific demographics and psychographic. Creating the same marketing messages regardless of your target audience’s demographics and psychographics will end up being a waste of time.

Content is King:

The reach of your product depends on how appealing your content is. Come up with engaging content that drives customers to check out your product. In other words, the quality of the visual content decides the reach of your product. Your content should entice your audience to discover your products.

Use Photo-Edit Apps:

Instagram is nothing other than an application with a huge range of photos. Therefore, the quality of the pictures you use plays a substantial role in converting your audience. There are plenty of photo-edit applications available on the internet which you could use to improve the quality of photos you post on your page. Applications like Canva, Snapseed, and Fotor are the most sought after applications as these applications have unique photo enhancing features. Instagram itself has a wide range of filters you can use to improve your images.

Choose Hashtags Wisely:

Hashtags play a substantial role in driving your audience to your page without having to do any promotion. The people who land on your page by using hashtags are potential customers. Therefore, choose your hashtags wisely as it could benefit you greatly. Choose hashtags that are relevant to your products. Post three to four relevant hashtags for every post which will drive more people to your page and increase your conversion rate. Choose the most relevant hashtags and use them consistently on your posts.

Convert Your Account Into A Business Account:

Instagram has introduced business profiles that offer added advantages for businesses. A business profile provides detailed insights on how the posts are performing and comprehensive weekly performance statistics. The weekly statistics includes reports on reach, impressions, followers, etc. This will offer a view of the performance of your posts so that you can amplify them accordingly. Another benefit of switching to a business account is that it enables you to add a contact icon with your email id and phone number to allow your audience to easily reach out to you.

Tell Your Story:

As Instagram has its very own video platform (IGTV), you could make use of this to share inspirational stories in an engaging manner. This will eventually drive many people to buy your product and become a loyal customer.

Behind The Scenes:

Gaining the trust of your audience is the ultimate goal of marketing and gaining trust is easily achieved by sharing behind-the-scene footage of your business. For example if you are a manufacturer you can take a video of the factory where your product is manufactured and post it on IGTV. This will create awareness of the product which will eventually help them in deciding to purchase your product.

Post Stories Consistently:

Stories are an effective way to reach out to your audience. If you make use of stories in an efficient manner it can benefit you greatly as it can leave a positive impression on your brand. Upload stories when your audience is active so that your stories will be visible to them instantly.

To conclude, with its growing popularity and user base, Instagram is a fantastic marketing channel due to its large user base. Being a visual platform, creating compelling posts and videos will facilitate the process of driving more potential customers to your business. From adding stories to changing to a business account have benefitted businesses greatly. Making use of the above marketing tactics will help you attract more potential customers faster. Simply use the platform to the fullest and watch your brand skyrocket.

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