Unlocking Growth- 10 Unspoken SEO Rules For SaaS Marketers

SaaS marketers live on the edge because selling software as a service is hard work. Are you tired of seeking your target audience in the vast and competitive landscape of search engine results? Well, you need not stress anymore. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the secret sauce that can give your software-as-a-service (SaaS) business the visibility it craves to stand apart in the industry.

A whopping 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results. If you want your product to get the attention it deserves, you’ve got to know how to make it visible on top of SEO results.

But before you dive headfirst into the SEO game, you must understand the unspoken rules that govern this ever-changing realm. Here are the ones you must follow to win the race and sell your SaaS offering like a pro.

Rule #1- Chase specific keywords

With SaaS SEO, you need to be specific about keywords. Think beyond the basics and pick the keywords that speak your audience’s language. Follow your target audience and understand their expectations, pain points, and questions. That’s where you can get ideas for your keywords.

Focus on long-tail keywords that are unique to your niche. This way, you’ll attract the relevant traffic and dodge the competition like a pro. Understand that you don’t need to sell your offering to everyone, so be picky with your buyers and keywords.

Rule #2- Balance content with engagement

Sure, killer content is crucial to win the SEO game because it makes people stick with your brand, buy your product, return for repeat purchase, and recommend it to others. Valuable content shows your expertise and builds trust for your brand.

But don’t forget about engagement when crafting content. It’s not enough to churn out blog posts or product pages; you must create content that sparks a conversation. Encourage comments, social shares, and backlinks.

Rule #3- Ace link building

Let’s talk about link building because it is about building authority and extending reach. When it comes to SEO, quality backlinks are your secret weapon. But there are no shortcuts for robust link-building as a white-hat approach is the best way to get quality links.

Reach out to other industry influencers, write guest posts, and form partnerships to get the link juices flowing. But remember, it’s not just about quantity; quality matters too. Avoid shady link schemes because they can fetch penalties.

Rule #4- Speed is essential for SEO success

SaaS buyers are business leaders pressed for time, so they have no time for a slow website. They want instant gratification when it comes to looking for websites, and search engines know it too. So, speed up your SaaS site to ensure it loads in a few seconds.

Compress the heavy images, minify your code, and consider a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Google’s algorithms will thank you for it.

Rule #5- Ensure a mobile-friendly website

All websites should be mobile-responsive, but it is even more crucial for SaaS sites. With over half of all website traffic coming from mobile devices, not optimizing your SaaS website for mobile can be the worst blunder.

It’s not just about responsive design; ensure your mobile site is fast, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Your target audience doesn’t need more frustration handling a glitchy site.

Rule #6- Go the extra mile with testing

With SaaS SEO, there is no room for mistakes and sub-par user experiences. Testing your website for speed and responsiveness is a great start. But you shouldn’t stop there. In the article How To Grow A SaaS Business: 5 Strategies That Actually Work, Adam White talks about how AB testing your landing page headlines can result in a 109% increase in revenue.

AB testing is a reliable way to test and optimize your content and user experience to gain a leading edge in the SaaS domain.

Rule #7- Gain social signals

In the SEO world, social media isn’t just for connecting with people and having a good time. It can serve as a powerful tool to boost your SaaS’s online presence. Engage with your audience on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook because that’s where business leaders and decision-makers are most likely to be.

Share your blog posts, engage in conversations, and showcase your expertise. Social signals build credibility for search engines, so make the most of it.

Rule #8- Optimize for voice search

Voice search is the future, so missing out on it is not something SaaS marketers should do. Stay ahead of the game by optimizing your content for voice queries. You can implement measures such as using conversational language and answering FAQs.

Make your product the go-to answer for voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to ride the voice search wave effortlessly.

Rule #9- Gain the local SEO edge

For SaaS businesses with a local customer base, local SEO is the name of the game. After all, you need to find ways to showcase yourself as one of the top businesses for nearby customers. Optimize your website for local keywords, shine with a Google My Business listing, and get positive online reviews to strengthen your profile.

When potential customers search for SaaS solutions in their local area, you want to be a name to reckon with.

Rule #10-Stay up to date

Another rule you must follow as a SaaS SEO marketer is to stay up to day. That’s the only way to keep your finger on the SEO pulse. SEO is an ever-evolving game, and a plan that works today might not work tomorrow.

Stay updated with the latest algorithm changes, industry trends, and SEO best practices. Attend conferences, read SEO blogs, and join online communities to keep your SaaS marketing skills on point.

The Bottom Line

SaaS marketers must follow these unspoken SEO rules to take your SaaS product to top of search engine rankings. Remember, it’s not about beating the system; it’s about understanding your audience, providing value, and playing by the rules of the SEO game. So go forth and conquer the digital realm with an effective strategy.

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