Backlinks are when a website gives a link to an external site with a certain anchor text. These are highly essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

This is so because they provide a positive indication to the search crawlers that an external website has found your content valuable that’s why it has given a link to you. This further result in improved SERP ranking of your content or webpage. 

Due to this reason, you will often see individuals trying hard to create maximum backlinks for their content or website. This approach is referred to as “Link building.” 

For effective link-building, there are numerous strategies used. In this blog post, I am going to explain some of the most effective strategies that you can follow to create backlinks and become the master of SEO. 

Best Strategies That You Can Follow to Create Backlinks

It is important to note that, you will only experience high rankings when get backlinks from credible and authoritative websites. Below are some strategies that you can follow in this regard. 

  1. Check website domain or page relevancy:

The first strategy is to check both the domain and page relevancy of the site from which you are planning to create backlinks. 

For this, you have to explore the already-published topics of the website to determine whether they are relevant to the niche or not. This is essential because search engines will only provide you with sufficient link juice for a backlink when the referring domain is similar to your niche or topic.  

Let’s say, your niche is related to education or academics, then you should look for a website that is majorly covering topics related to academics. 

Remember, do not just focus on checking domain relevancy, you should also check the page relevancy in which you are planning to insert or build a backlink. This is also essential because search engines like Google prioritize backlinks that look natural and provide value to the users. 

  1. Go with websites that have high DA PA score

This is also an effective strategy to create effective backlinks. DA refers to Domain Authority, whereas PA refers to Page Authority. 

The score of both these terms is measured on a scale of 0-100. The DA score provides an efficient idea about the ranking of the entire domain, while PA refers to the strength of a particular webpage. 

But, keep in mind that, DA PA is not a direct ranking factor for search engines, but these are still considered essential when it to building backlinks. You should opt for sites that have high DA PA scores. The higher the score of a site will be, the more quality backlinks Google will consider that come from that site. 

Wondering how to measure or determine the Domain authority of a site? There is only one way which is by utilizing the DA checker. It will provide an accurate DA PA of the given website link. A picture is attached below for reference. 

  1. Build backlinks on a site that receives consistent traffic:

You should opt for a site that has a consistent traffic graph for previous months. A consistent graph will indicate the site has a good reputation in the eyes of search engines, and building a backlink on it will be definitely worthwhile. 

On the other hand, if the site graph does not have a consistent traffic graph (like one or two months it was up, and then going down), then this means it has recently got a hit/penalty from the search engine. If you build a backlink on it, there are also chances that you may experience lower rankings. 

In order to analyze the traffic graph of the site, you have to get help from online tools like Semrush. It will provide the traffic graph of the given website for up to 2 years. I have checked the traffic graph of with this tool. 

  1. Try to add early in the content and avoid exact anchor text:

You should always try your best to add the backlink at the start of the article. This does not mean that you should insert the link in the first line, sentence, or introduction, instead, it means adding the link in the first two to three heading of the article. 

When a backlink is placed early in the content, there are more chances that it will drive visitors to your website or webpage. This may not be the case with the links that are added at the end of the content. 

Apart from this, you should avoid building a backlink on the exact anchor text that the link will refer to. 

For instance, if you are building a link for a blog post with the topic “How to lose weight,” then you should not place a link on the exact anchor text for the blog topic. Doing this will be considered a black hat SEO strategy to manipulate SERP ranking. 

Tip: Try to keep the anchor text to two or a maximum of three words. 

  1. Do not include more than one link of your site in a single content: 

After reading the heading name, you will have an efficient what I am going to discuss here. You should never build or add multiple links (no matter how valuable or natural they are) of your site in a single article. 

Doing this will give a bad indication to search crawlers that you are creating Spammy links to quickly get higher rankings. Experts also say that building multiple links of the same site in a single content will pass less authority. 

Moreover, if you got a backlink from a site to your domain or content, then it is not recommended to approach that website again to create a link. Instead, you should approach new domains. 

This will widen your backlink network and give a good indication to search engines that different sites are giving links to your site this means you definitely have something to offer. This will further result in improved SERP ranking.  

  1. Avoid link farming or general sites:

This is the final backlink strategy I will be discussing in this article. Do not build backlinks on link farming or general sites. This is so because these are sites that give backlinks to every other site without worrying about their spam score, credibility, etc. 

Due to this, these sites have almost no authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. So, if you get backlinks from them, there are strong chance that you will not experience any improvement in the ranking. 

Wrapping up

Backlinks are highly essential to improve the search engine rankings of a website or particular webpage. However, it is necessary to build high-quality backlinks to experience good rankings. 

There are numerous strategies that you can follow to build good-quality links, some of the most effective strategies are discussed above.

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