How to Use Pinterest Trends to Create Attention-Grabbing Pins

How to Use Pinterest Trends to Create Attention-Grabbing Pins

Pinterest trends are the most popular keywords users type in the Pinterest search trends engine in the US, Canada or UK.

Simply go to and you’ll notice on the left hand side of the search bar is a drop down menu which will allow you to choose which country you want to check trending keyword for.

Before you start looking at Pinterest trends in your specific industry, you can scroll down the page and you’ll see the Pinterest trends according to different categories:

  1. The highest trending topics of the week. So if it’s Halloween for example, chances are Halloween-related topics will be trending. If it’s Christmas week, then Christmas-related topics will be trending.

2. Then you’ll also see the highest trending topics across these popular categories: Fashion, food and drink, beauty, home and travel

If your industry is not in any of these categories, type in your keyword in the Pinterest trends tool instead.

If you are in the golf industry, type in “golf” in the Pinterest search trends box, or any other more specific golf-related keyword.

As soon as you do, a list of the most popular keywords related to your keyword will appear.

This will allow you to create a list of trending keywords for the Pinterest pin ideas you come up with. If you type in “golf” for example, a trending keyword could be “golf cart”. So you could create a pin about the 5 best golf carts or the 3 most expensive golf carts in the world, etc…

After hitting ‘enter’ for your keyword in the Pinterest trends tool, you’ll be able to discover even more trending topics in your industry. Just below the graph for your keyword, you’ll see other trending keywords.

You’ll also see the most popular pins related to your keyword.

There are many benefits to using Pinterest trends when running Pinterest marketing campaigns.

First it gives you a deeper understanding of what your audience actually wants. And the better you understand your target audience, the better you’ll be able to serve them, and therefore grow your pin engagement and improve your overall Pinterest marketing results.

And the more engagement your pins receive, the more Pinterest will display your pins, so you’ll enjoy more organic reach for your pins.

Then, it allows you to come up with Pinterest pin ideas. It can be tricky to know what pins to create for Pinterest marketing campaigns.

They have to be original, unique and interesting. And by looking at trending keywords, you’ll know exactly what pins to create.

A third benefit of using Pinterest trends as part of your Pinterest strategy, is that it will allow you to keyword optimise your pins and therefore your pins will appear higher in the search results.

If you know that the keyword “golf cart” is trending for example, and you publish a pin with the keyword “golf cart” in both the pin title and pin description, then chances are, your pin will rank much higher in the search results, when Pinterest users look for “golf cart” related pins.

Another benefit of using Pinterest search trends as part of your Pinterest strategy is that it allows you to know what existing trending pins have been published with that keyword, and therefore model them.

Going back to the example of golf as a keyword, the trending pin could be a video of someone’s golf swing or an infographic of the best golf drills to practice at home. You could therefore publish very similar and even better pins as the trending ones.

The best practice when following Pinterest trends is creating a list on a word document or spreadsheet of all the trending keywords. That way, when you’re ready to create a pin, just refer to that list and never run out of Pinterest pin ideas.

You might want to add some columns to that list where you can add the types of pins you’ll create for that keyword, such as video pins, infographics, static images etc…, another column with the URL you’ll be redirecting people to, who click on your pin, another column stating whether the pin has been created yet or not and one last column stating the date the pin will be published.

 Type of pinURL to redirectPin created yes/noDate to publish
Golf swing equipment    
Personalised golf balls    
Golf swing tutorials    
Golf swing mistakes    

This list can quickly become your Pinterest content calendar, that will hold you accountable. Thanks to that list, you’ll know what Pinterest pins to create and when to publish them.

The other best practice with Pinterest trends and Pinterest marketing in general, is to be very selective of the trending keywords you add to your list.

It can be tempting to want to create pins for every single trending keyword, but not all of them will be relevant to you and your business. So only create a list of the most relevant trending keywords.

For example, if your business specialises in selling golf swing equipment you might not need to create a pin for the keyword “personalised golf balls”.

Another best practice when using Pinterest search trends, is to create multiple pins for the same keyword. That way, you’re not putting all your eggs in the same basket, and you increase your chances of being noticed in the search results for that specific keyword.

So if your selected keyword is “golf swing trainer” you can create a pin that displays your product from different angles, then create another pin that is a video of someone using your golf swing trainer and then a third pin that is an infographic about the mistakes to avoid when using a golf swing trainer.

Another best practice when using Pinterest search trends is to avoid selecting keywords that are very competitive. In other words, don’t select keywords that already have a lot of pins associated to that keyword.

So always check first if there are too many pins associated with that keyword, by doing a search on Pinterest.

Type in the keyword in the search box and see if there are pages and pages of pins that include that keyword in their title.

If there are too many, then you might want to choose another trending Pinterest keyword so your pin doesn’t get drowned among all the other ones trying to rank for the same keyword.

Lastly, check the Pinterest trends tool at least weekly. Trends on Pinterest can change especially at different times of the year and different seasons.

So make it a habit to check the Pinterest trends tool at least weekly and update your content calendar and Pinterest strategy accordingly.

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