3 Proven Ways to Increase LinkedIn Connections in 2023

In the modern world, literally the best thing you can do for your successful career and the formation of a professional image is to create a LinkedIn account. This platform is considered one of the most popular among companies and job seekers for a reason – on LI you can find your colleagues, previous and current employers, as well as establish yourself as a real expert in a certain niche. That’s why the resource is loved by professionals all over the world and continues to thrive. 

Keep in mind, creating a page and actively developing it are completely different things. If your goal is not just to create a page to place it on business cards, but to become famous in your industry, you need to act. And the first thing we recommend starting with is to expand the network. Having a bunch of connections, you seem to confirm your excellent image, and users look at you as a real professional in your field. 

How to get them? There are several ways, and today we’ll talk about the best of them, including the opportunity to buy LinkedIn connections for fast, easy and effective promotion on the resource. Read on!

  1. Join groups

Although LI is a more professional and narrowly focused platform, there are also interest groups and business types in which you could prove yourself. And most importantly, you can join any of them without any difficulties. You don’t need to prove to someone that you are an expert before joining a certain group.  Although there are creators who require you to specify your email address or register on some website, you can find other free groups without rules. 

However, before joining a particular group, make sure that you are interested in it and you can really prove yourself as an expert.  Otherwise, the strategy with groups won’t be as effective as you expect – users won’t respond to you, respectively, you won’t get the connections you want. 

When you get comfortable in the group and people learn more about you, invite them to connect with you. If you were able to show that you are worth dealing with, you’ll get new valuable connections.

  1. Use third-party incentive

If you are looking for a way to get connections without wasting your valuable time and resources, then this method is especially for you. The advertising services market in 2023 offers a lot of additional support for entrepreneurs and influencers, including paid connections. The only  difference from organic ones is that you get them “out of nowhere”. That is, the process takes place without your active participation, and people whom you didn’t know before contact you. Otherwise, there are no differences.

But it is important not to overdo it here. If your page is new and you’ve just started your journey, remember that at first you can have no more than 30,000 1st-degree connections. That is, if you buy a large package right away, it’ll be suspicious. It’s better to start with small packages at a ridiculous price, and further increase them.

  1. Create content

Finally, be active and create useful and valuable content for users. Through posts, you’ll be able to show your skills and knowledge, thereby attracting a new audience and gaining new connections. Don’t forget to add niche hashtags, and then everything will be fine. Good luck!

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