How Earned Media Supports Lead Generation?

Basically defined as “online word-of-mouth”, earned media is crucial to the popularity of a digital-age business establishment. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons how it supports lead generation and why it is something your business should garner as you aim for corporate growth.

Here are 6 reasons why earned media and lead generation should work together.

1. It offers the highest ROI.

Because earned media is attained not through paid advertising, but simply due to the positive reviews from people everywhere, it can truly deliver the highest return of investment for your online business or any kind of business for that matter.

Armed with this knowledge, it is quite clear that every modern-day business must invest not in terms of money but in aspects of time and effort to promote their products so they will propagate into the online realms in a totally organic way.

This can bring about a totally expense-free marketing in which people are promoting your business without being aware of it.

2. It makes your business a news item.

The good thing about social media and online forums today is that ordinary people can already make their own news channels and if people, are talking about your business and the products and services you offer, you instantly become a news item.

You might not be the kind of news shown on TV, radio stations, or print publications, but you are the kind of news that floats around social media which is undeniably, a strong force these days in delivering the hottest topics.

If you are talked about a lot on social media, you are being shared and liked at very high levels, and this can certainly have a good opportunity for lead generation.

3. It truly strengthens your brand’s prominence.

Brand awareness is one of the most crucial aspects of business promotion and with media relations, the prominence of the trademark that carries your company will be strengthened in a truly compelling way. If people are giving positive feedback about your products or services, your brand will rise to such a high level of prominence that will be very hard to topple even by your toughest rivals.

As long as you maintain your diligence and quality service, that prominence you gained will be very solid in the long run because people are reinforcing the idea that your brand is truly worthy of sharing and recommending to others. 

4. It boosts your business’ credibility.

Building your reputation in a positive way can only be achieved if the masses are not talking about you in any degrading manner. So if you’ve garnered a lot of earned media throughout the course of your business, it means that you’ve made a lot of people happy while they’re using your products.

A high level of earned media accumulation is an excellent sign that you are showing some credibility, and you should take advantage of that. Just as stated in the previous item, doing your best to maintain it is vital to your continued growth.

You have to make certain that the positive comments that people are giving will be kept at an ideal level or you will suffer from media backlash, which will totally hurt your reputation. It’s the exact opposite of earned media, and it is something you have to avoid since you don’t want to lower the rate of your lead generation.

5. It takes full advantage of digital marketing.

It is hard to think of a business establishment these days that doesn’t utilize the power of digital marketing to promote their products. You can do it via a social media page, a video channel, a newsletter, or through email marketing – the list could be endless.

But no matter how you elaborate or promote our business digitally, you couldn’t deny the fact that there is no better advantage than having the negative vibes about you being passed on from one person to another. If such a scenario takes place in the streets, in public places, or within the digital portals where people flock together, your brand is doing a kind of marketing that nobody could ever control.

If word about you is spread positively, then you are taking the fullest advantage of digital marketing without trying too hard.

6. It generates the best kind of leads.

We’ve already laid out the facts that earned media is the best form of advertising above, and since this is so, it can make us safely declare that the best kinds of leads are the ones generated from it. When your brand has already taken solid traction online, chances are people could also be mocking you, taunting you, or making memes about you.

That may seem like a disadvantage, but it could also make people get more curious about your products and your company, which will create more leads as you convert their curiosity into selling opportunities.

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