How To Schedule Instagram Stories Using Metricool

How To Schedule Instagram Stories Using Metricool

Publishing stories is a perfect way to get organic engagement to your Instagram account. Because of this, Metricool offers the Planning page which introduces a deliverable scheduling feature that includes Instagram stories as an option for you to publish stories easily, leaving you a handful of time throughout the day to focus on other important matters.

Step-by-step instructions

It is so important to keep content fresh and updated. It’s easy to schedule stories on Instagram using Metricool to ensure that you’re able to do just that. The process is straightforward, and what’s good is that you can schedule stories on both free and paid Metricool accounts. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to schedule your Instagram stories using Metricool:

Open up a new post

In the upper left hand corner of the screen you will click on “Share new post” OR you can click on any future time frame on the calendar to open up a new post.

Upload your images, photos or videos to Instagram stories

Select the items you want to add to your Instagram story. Don’t forget to check the format for the stories. The maximum length for the videos is 15 seconds. The size of both photo and video is 750 x 1334 pixels.

Schedule your Instagram stories during an active time frame

When is the best time to schedule a post or a story on Instagram? When your followers are most active, of course! Metricool helps you visualize the data so that you can select the best hour to publish your stories or posts. Utilize our “Best Time On” feature to ensure you are scheduling your IG stories during a time frame in which your followers are most active on Instagram. Before saving, be sure to look for the Auto option and tick the “OFF” button. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow anyone to publish stories from external apps automatically, so it’s important that this step is taken.

Receive and respond to your notification

Last but not least, once your Metricool notification arrives, it’s time to act! The tool will send you a reminder to update your Instagram story once it is time to be published. All you have to do is pick a notification through email or through the Metricool app’s push notifications feature. Metricool will automatically save the images on your device once you are notified about the stories to publish them manually. Add the descriptions, hashtags and other information you like including location and mentions.

Scheduling Instagram stories using Metricool has never been more straightforward. It’s such a helpful tool for every social media manager. You can plan your stories efficiently with the specific time and dates you want. You can also organize every story you wish to down to the last detail. Metricool takes the guesswork out of the task because you pre-plan for the exact moment you want the post to occur.

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