6 Tips For Writing The Best Instagram Captions

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It’s all about the graphics when it comes to Instagram marketing. When it comes to attracting Instagram followers, getting them interested in your brand and what it stands for, and showing off the human aspect of your business, the quality of your images will be the different element.

But the hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve snapped that stunning photo and meticulously altered it. You can give that visual stuff a voice in the caption of your post. A strong Instagram caption describes what the photo is about, encourages your followers to take action, or cracks a joke, all of which make your material more appealing and shareable. Here we have got 6 tips for writing the best Instagram captions for you. 

  1. Make Drafts

Have you ever come up with the perfect joke after it was too late to tell it? When we come up with the ideal caption after we’ve already uploaded the post, we all get a similar experience. What is the takeaway? Don’t rush through the procedure. Instead, jot down a few caption ideas, sit with them for a while, poll coworkers to see which one is the best, and take your time.

“But aren’t timeliness and chronology crucial on Instagram?” you might be thinking at this moment. Depending on the topic of your post, they might be. However, due to an anticipated Instagram feed algorithm update, the amount of engagement your posts receive will soon count more than the order in which they were posted.

Our Instagram feeds will soon be rearranged to show only the moments Instagram believes we’ll be interested in. The number of Likes and comments a post receives, your affiliation with the individual who posted it, and other factors will determine its exposure in your followers’ feeds.

That’s why it’s crucial to take your time crafting a terrific caption that will keep your followers interested, entice them to share your content with their friends, and inspire them to interact with it.

  1. Get To The Point Fast

The highest character limit for an Instagram caption (2,200 characters) is mostly a matter of convention. But it’s worth noting that captions on users’ feeds stop after three to four lines of text.

That isn’t to say you should make your captions so brief that viewers can see everything without having to click “more.” Instead, start your captions with the most critical material or text calls to action, then add hashtags, @mentions, and other non-essential information towards the end.

  1.  Put In A CTA

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The easiest method to improve the likelihood for your Instagram post to be shared and engage your followers is to include a call-to-action in the captions. Instead of passively scrolling by, action verbs should be used to push users to take action. On Twitter, we discovered that verbs produce more shares than nouns and adjectives; the same can be said for Instagram.

  • Encourage folks to share their own stories in the comments section. You might be able to use these lessons to help you design your Instagram strategy in the future or to generate fresh content ideas. Respond to users’ responses to make it feel more like a conversation, which will enhance engagement and excite your followers even more.
  • Only the single “website” section in your bio is allowed to contain clickable URLs. That’s why optimized Instagram accounts routinely update that URL to connect to their most recent blog posts, YouTube videos, products, or offers, and then use that link in their Instagram captions.
  • Inviting your followers to tag their friends in your post will encourage them to share it with their friends.
  • On Instagram, contests are a terrific way to boost engagement and brand exposure. Simply ask folks to share their own photos and use a hashtag to tag them in the text. Consider including the contest’s full regulations in your caption, as well as a link in your bio, for those who are interested.
  1. Don’t Crowd With Hashtags

On Instagram a hashtag works similarly to the way it does on Facebook and Twitter, it links the discussions of multiple users into a single stream. Anyone who searches for that hashtag on Instagram may find your Instagram post if your account is public.

Hashtags are a terrific way to link users who aren’t connected in any other way but are talking about — and interested in — the same subjects, events, businesses, and so on. They’re also a terrific way to inject a little sarcasm into your posts.

However, hashtags should be used sparingly. Some Instagram users utilize a series of searchable hashtags to gain additional followers, but it actually appears spammy to your existing followers.  If you are concerned about your follower count then you can buy some on Buzzoid. People will notice if you use a lot of hashtags, and they will think it’s lame. Limit yourself to three or four hashtags at most. Remember, you’re under no obligation to add any if you don’t want to. A great Instagram caption doesn’t require the use of a hashtag.

  1. Use The Hashtags At The End Of The Caption

Don’t include any hashtags until the very end of the caption unless the hashtagged term fits naturally into a sentence. In that manner, the human-friendly component of your caption will appear first, making it more user-friendly.

Furthermore, if your caption is long enough to be cut off, hashtags that are meant to connect people (rather than please them) will be hidden. As a result, the hashtags in this caption will be hidden from Instagram users browsing through their feeds, which is fine because they’re just there for search purposes.

  1. Be Friendly

Every social media platform has its own tone that works well. While serious, jargon-heavy writing may perform great on LinkedIn, it will not translate well to Instagram. The best Instagram photos have a humorous, entertaining tone to them, showcasing a brand’s more genuine, human, and personal side.

As a result, you’ll want to adjust your brand voice to fit Instagram’s lighter tone. For firms whose brand voices are already cheerful and fun, this will be easy. Find a balance between sincerity and relatability for those with a more serious brand voice. 

Maintaining a consistent tone on Instagram might aid in the development of your business. Consider how lengthy you’d like the majority of your posts to be, for example. Do you want to be a writer who can tell a tale in a paragraph or more? Or are you looking for a place to jot down instructions or a recipe? Or do you prefer a straightforward approach with only a few words?

When in doubt, make a joke. On social media, particularly Instagram, cleverness tends to fare fairly well. People appreciate it when brands make a joke or use a play on words. If you’re having trouble coming up with caption ideas, try playing a word association game or brainstorming with a friend.


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Some people continue to focus much too much emphasis on Instagram photographs rather than words. Good Instagram captions have the capacity to give even more insight to a post, perhaps improving engagement, bio visits, and click-throughs.

Copywriting is a skill, and it’s especially important in the social media world. Any strong Instagram strategy takes the copy for Instagram captions seriously, devoting time and effort to fit as much value and persuasiveness as possible into those 2200 characters.

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