Why Is My Chegg Account Not Working?

In this current era, everything is happening online. So why would our education be left behind, right?  However, you can find different learning sources online, especially for students. And the Chegg is one of them.

Current pandemic situation due to Covid-19, students are completing their education online. As you know how beneficial it is to use Chegg for educational purposes.

As it provides several new and used books with rental services online. Also, subscriptions assist you with your mathematical problems and help with your homework. However, many students face login issues with Chegg, especially those students who just registered.

If you’re one of those students, then don’t worry, we’ll try our best to solve your login issues. And help you get back to your studies.

Reasons Why You Face Account With Chegg

As mentioned several new and existing users are facing issues with their Chegg accounts. Reason’s why many users are also looking into how to delete the Chegg account and data. But there’s no need for such action if you for login issues.

These issues can be prevented, but first, let’s look into the reasons why your Chegg account isn’t working properly.

Accounts Revocations

If you’re not able to answer any question from Chegg, it means your account has been revoked for a certain period of time, or in extreme cases, it has been revoked permanently.

Just so you know, Chegg’s mantra is to provide the best possible service to its subscribers with your help. However, your provided services must meet a certain extent of quality parameters.

If you violate any of these parameters your account will be revoked. Accounts revocations occur due to some reason. And we’re about to share those particular reasons below.

Answering Guideline Violations

Not answering the questions by sticking to the provided guidelines. Chegg provides proper guidelines for experts. It’s to ensure the experts are providing the best quality service to the subscribers.

If any deviations from the answering guidelines occur from your end, may lead up to lower quality answers which violate their policy. It will get your account permanently revoked.

Honor Code Violations

Chegg includes horror codes in their service policy. If you violate those honor codes implemented by Chegg will lead to permanent revocation of answering privileges.

These honor codes include:

  • Providing plagiarized solutions.
  • Attempting to answer exam questions.
  • Answering copy-righted questions, etc.

If you’re involved in any of these honor code violations, surely you can’t answer questions as an expert from Chegg.

Inactive Account

Inactive accounts get automatic revocations from Chegg services and privileges. If your account has been inactive for 3 months or more. Then your account will automatically get permanently revoked.

Login Issues

Having login issues could be another reason why you’re having problems with your Chegg account. The log-in problem with Chegg is a pretty common issue because they have a different interface system. That leads to confusion.

As a new user when you register for an account with your email and password, if you try to use the same details to log in to Chegg it won’t work. It shows the password is invalid.

Another login problem is when you try to log in with your account mail and passcode, it shows the wrong provided info. And sometimes after logging in the required verification codes gets missing from your mail.

How To Prevent The Issues With Chegg?

From the discussion so far, you’ve learned the reasons for your Chegg account stopped working, right?

As mentioned earlier, the reasons for the account problem can be easily prevented. You just have to take a few precautions and a few things to keep in mind while using Chegg.

Let’s go through those lists of prevention together, shall we?

  • While you’re trying to answer a question from Chegg, try to maintain the minimum structure of quality provided by Chegg.
  • Remember Chegg’s service provider takes their honor codes very seriously. Always maintain the rules and regulations befalls into their honor code regulations.
  • Don’t stay inactive for more than a week. It will help you prevent auto account revocations.
  • Just so you know, as a new user you’ll need a new passcode provided by Chegg. At the due date, they’ll provide you with a new password. So keep an eye on your email.
  • Sometimes Chegg’s provided verification mail is automatically sent to your email’s spam folder, check it before retrying further.

Final Thoughts

Chegg is the most used service provider in the current era. It’s useful for both students and tutors. For students, it’s a good way for easy learning and solutions to complicated mathematical problems. For tutors, it’s a good income source.

Please make sure you follow the prevention tips we’ve shared in the above section to avoid any problems with your Chegg account.

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