Useful Guide on How to Pass Exam Labs Microsoft MS-100 Certification Test

Developing new skills that meet the demand of the market is a wise decision for those aiming for career improvement. In most cases, the best results are achieved if one enrolls in the accreditation program to get new information in a systematic manner and obtain validation of their professional upgrade.

One of the most reputable certification vendors is Exam Labs Microsoft. It offers a variety of credentials for specialists of different levels, including experts. These badges help their holders to get hired by international corporations and access well-paid jobs. For instance, the role of an enterprise administrator expert gains more and more popularity. So, if you want to become one, consider passing MS-100 and MS-101 exams. These assessments lead you to getting the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. Of course, the process of preparing for them can be tough but we’ve prepared a detailed guide on MS-100 test for you to help understand what you should expect from this assessment. 

Skills Tested in MS-100 Exam

Earning the Exam-Labs Microsoft credential for Enterprise Administrator Expert requires applicants to show their theoretical and practical proficiency in handling Microsoft 365 features. On the whole, it covers the following domains:S

  • Microsoft 365 services design and implementation
  • User identity and roles management
  • Access and authentication management
  • Office 365 workloads and applications planning

Each topic has a different weight in the total number of questions that you should answer within 3 hours. So, you must train yourself to stay focused during all this period and tackle every task attentively. Also, remember about the enrollment fee of $165 for every attempt. Considering these features, you might want even more to ace the assessment on the first try.

But, how to prepare for exam labs MS-100 effectively? Which materials to utilize? The answers are in the next paragraphs!

Training Options for MS-100 Assessment

When you start preparing for MS-100, you have to start by checking the vendor’s official webpage. On exam labs Microsoft’s site, you will find an instructor-led course. In this case, you will learn from expert trainers on how to manage and configure Microsoft 365 features.

Also, if you go to Microsoft library, you will access different books related to MS-100. For instance, you can download study guides that include relevant examples of how Microsoft 365 applications are implemented in a business environment. Also, there are materials with tips and tricks on the testing process.

Still, the only resource that can take you behind the scenes of MS-100 beforehand is dumps. These collections of real questions and answers allow you to have as many trial attempts as you need while training in a simulated assessment environment. By using these MS-100 Exam files, you’ll always be rewarded with detailed feedback on your progress and will identify existing knowledge gaps easily.


Passing exam labs MS-100 exam is the best decision for everyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft 365 identity and services and upgrade to the expert level. If aced along with MS-101, it will bring you a valuable certification that has helped hundreds of professionals leverage their careers. So, learn all the topics included in the outline, follow different study approaches, and you’ll boost your chances of succeeding on the first try. Good luck!

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