Top Tips On How To Create An Event On Facebook

Top Tips On How To Create An Event On Facebook

To market any business successfully on Facebook, it’s important to be familiar with all its features, including its event feature which is among the most powerful marketing tool when used effectively.

A Facebook event is scheduled within Facebook and allows you to notify Facebook users of upcoming online events such as webinars or live chats or offline events such as seminars and book launches which you can go to Lanyards Factory to get ID for, by the way – that’s easy to forget, but very important. 

Anyone can create a Facebook event as long as they have a Facebook profile. There are two types of Facebook events: Private events and public events.


Private Facebook Events

A private event is only visible to people who are invited and includes to option to allow guests to invite their friends. People who are not invited cannot see any details related to the event such as the event description and wall posts.

Public Facebook Events

Public events are visible to anyone on or off Facebook and anyone can view all event-related information such as the event description and wall posts.

Facebook events can be very powerful for businesses as they can be promoted to thousands of people in a very short space of time and help drive ticket sales and increase attendance rates. What also makes Facebook events a very powerful marketing tool, is the fact that guests can invite other people to attend, so you can really benefit from word-of-mouth considering Facebook users have an average of 140 friends.

To create a Facebook event, simply login to your Facebook profile and click on “events” and then click on “create”.

Then, decide whether you want to make your even a public or private one and make sure you fill in all the information requested such as the event name, the location, the date and time and a detailed description of the event that will entice people to attend. Unless your event is strictly a private one, tick the box “guests can invite friends” so you can really leverage the power of word-of-mouth.

Make sure the Facebook event image size is 785×295 pixels so it fits perfectly and make sure the image chosen illustrates your event perfectly, includes the branding of the event and as much information about the event as possible to entice people to register. Effective banners usually include a strong headline that underlines the benefit of attending as well as a scarcity element such as “ticket sales end tonight”. Scarcity as an event marketing technique can be very effective especially when done honestly and with some justification attached to it.


Next, start inviting your existing Facebook friends to your event. When you do, they will get notified and the invitation will also be featured under their “events” tab. Public Facebook events can also be found by any Facebook user performing a keyword search using Facebook’s search engine so make sure your event’s name and description are keyword optimized.

But it doesn’t stop there. To create more buzz around your event, make sure to update your event wall a few times a week, even daily if you can, with pictures and special announcements. You can promote your event even further by posting the link of your event on your Facebook page if you have one, and on the wall of your personal profile too. You can also reward people for sharing your event link with their friends. If you have an audience on other social networks such as Twitter for example, you can publish a tweet about your event too. You can even set up Facebook ads to promote your event. Should you have access to an email database likely to be interested in your event, think of emailing them the link to the Facebook event or uploading that database onto Facebook ads using “Custom Audiences”. Custom audiences an be found in the advertising section of Facebook and allow you to advertise on Facebook just to the people included in the list who are on Facebook.

You can even send out reminders to guests who have confirmed they will be attending by going to “message guests”. This is a great tool as people tend to forget events they’ve committed to attending, especially if the invitation was sent a lot in advance.

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