Tips to make your Facebook video successful

About eight years ago, 5.5% of Facebook content of any brand consisted of videos. This value tripled to 15% by the end of 2020. Today, video content has become the most success-driven way to promote any brand, product, or service on one of the world’s biggest platforms ever – Facebook. 

Videos are easily consumable, especially when shared on platforms like Facebook with a massive audience online. Not only does it help brands to convey their message in a visually-appealing manner, but it also brings forth a plethora of opportunities for them to connect and establish brand image. 

According to stats, marketers and brands have now prioritised video content to promote their campaigns on Facebook. To make sure every Facebook video generates the desired result, they have started to adopt various tips and tricks from experts on the internet. 

Today, you’ll get insight into such expert tips that will help you make your Facebook video successful. So, keep reading till the end to know them all. 

Tip 1: Always Pay Attention To What Facebook Tells 

It becomes crucial to pay attention to what Facebook tells. Listening to what they want is your first step to making a successful Facebook video. A couple of years ago, Facebook updated some advice after launching its updated algorithm for videos. A few notable pointers from that advice include the following: 

  • Facebook prioritises videos with multiple views, even by the same viewers, over any other video displayed in the news feeds. Every video must be engaging enough to captivate the user for at least a minute. However, it gives more priority to videos that run for a minimum of three minutes. 
  • Facebook puts limitations on distributing repurposed or unoriginal videos with immaterial or confined added value. Your video page rankings will be severely affected if you share such video content. 

Although Facebook avails such information to the general public through their platform, knowing and deciphering them into Facebook’s video strategy would be beneficial. It would help your brand to stay ahead of the competitors while letting you focus on what drives traction. 

Tip 2: Leverage The Power of Live Versions 

Only 12% of the video content posted on Facebook comprises live versions. Although the number is not so prominent, they ensure significantly high engagement (likes and comments). 

According to stats, Facebook pages with less than 10,000 followers have witnessed a 73% better engagement rate with live videos than pre-made Facebook videos. However, 54% more engagement was seen by pages having followers between 10,000 and 100,000. Live videos also worked better for pages with more than 100,000 followers, but not that much. 

The length of the live video plays a crucial role in determining engagement. Live videos that are 60-minutes long witnessed almost thrice the engagement rate of short-length videos at 0.86%. The engagement rate hovered up to 0.29% for 10-20 minute long videos. 

You should find the right chances to go live with videos and realise that you won’t have to begin from scratch. You could stream live videos for any product launch, program, conference, event, and buzz session. 

Tip 3: Make Long and Vertical Facebook Videos

Apart from the run length, the length of the video description also impacts the engagement rate. The longer the descriptions, the more the viewers. 

Videos with more than 300 characters in their description have an average engagement rate of 0.39%. However, the engagement rate of videos with 200 character descriptions or less was between 0.19-0.21%. 

When editing videos using a video trimmer, go long and vertical as the Facebook audience is more willing to watch such videos. Vertical videos tend to have an engagement rate of 40% on average, which is way better than the engagement of landscape videos. 

These stats make sense as over 98% of Facebook users access this platform via mobile devices. 

Tip 4: Go For Uploading, Not Sharing

Taking any video from your brand’s YouTube channel and sharing it on your Facebook page is not as effective as uploading it. However, several brands tend to ignore this significant data-proven tip. 

According to studies from Quintly and Agorapulse, native videos on Facebook get massive outreach and more comments. 

Pro Tip: Never download anyone else’s videos to upload them on your Facebook channel to post “native videos.” However, if you have legal rights, you can proceed to do so. 

Tip 5: Give More Focus On Your Industry 

Although typical Facebook video research can do the job for your brand, doing in-depth research on your industry can be of great help. 

For instance, live videos had a significant impact on the clothing industry regarding engagement. The total Facebook video engagement rate for the clothing industry was 0.32%, whereas the engagement rate for live videos was seven times more (2.17%).  

However, don’t consider the stats the new testament in making your video program for this social media platform. You must determine how your audience consumes videos, how they respond, and what they expect from your brand and videos. 

Also, keep an eye on your industry-specific competitors to know what videos they’re publishing and how effective they are. 

Tip 6: Give Special Attention On The First Three Seconds

Although these above Facebook stats are a couple of years old, they still hold value and resonate with today’s masses. Three out of four people who watch the first three seconds of a video will most likely append their next ten seconds to continue watching it. 

About 45% of these first three-second viewers will watch the same video for 30-seconds long. Thus, make a video that will grab the user’s attention within the first three-second, or they’ll go away. Remember this while designing or editing the video. 

Final Thoughts 

Today, it has become crucial and beneficial to incorporate video in your content marketing strategy for the big social media platform – Facebook. 

After considering the guidelines, algorithms, and standards, you should approach the more success-driven practices to ensure a high engagement rate. 

So, follow these tips, and make your Facebook videos successful. 

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