Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions: The A to Z Infographic

Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions: The A to Z Infographic

Facebook is always changing with new algorithms and updates. It is vital for advertisers to ensure they are following every new update Facebook Introduces to stay top of the game.

There are over 300 million photos being uploaded everyday. With visual content dominating the social media platforms, Facebook has made videos and images their top priority for communicating ideas and experience when it comes to marketing. If you are behind one of those 300 million uploads looking to make your brand shine, you definitely need to know what image sizes and dimensions are!


Do image sizes and dimensions matter?


If you are a marketer looking to engage your target audience and increase your reach and conversions, it is important to keep track of everything happening around the social media platforms. Wrong image sizes are the common mistake every marketer makes. 


You might be already aware that the brain loves visual, and something beautiful could drive better engagement. But does the image size fits the timeline, newsfeed or Ads?


Using the wrong images not only looks blurry, but it also hurts our posts and advertising campaigns. Let’s get more specific.


  • Grainy posts on your Facebook profile
  • Cropped out images
  • Doesn’t blend with image Ad placement
  • The audience will judge the brand’s character and value when the visual is not appealing


We know how troublesome it is to keep track of the right image sizes for Facebook. The latest version of Facebook image dimensions cheat sheet developed by TechWyse, an SEO agency leads you through every image dimension you need to know!



Image sizes are important now more than ever. Refer to this infographic to WOW your audience with some visual excellence. If you have noticed any changes since our update, Feel free for the heads up!

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Rebecca Hill is the Outreach Coordinator at TechWyse, an SEO agency in Toronto, Canada. While she isn’t building relationships with bloggers and influencers in the marketing world, she can be seen rooting for the Blue Jays.


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