10 Ways to Leverage Facebook Traffic

10 Ways to Leverage Facebook Traffic

Driving traffic to your website is critical. Without traffic, your online marketing efforts will fail, regardless of how good your website is, regardless of how useful your products are.

And with 1.7 billion Facebook users, and with many of them, browsing the site at least 14 times a day, it has become one of the biggest sources of traffic for website owners.

Strategy 1:

There are 10 main ways you can leverage Facebook traffic with your Facebook page.

The first way is by adding your website url in your banner. Your Facebook banner is really the prime real estate of your Facebook page.

It’s what people will look at first so it’s a great opportunity to let them know about your website before they even start browsing your Facebook page.

You can create your own Facebook banners and add your website url using tools such as canva.com.

Alternatively, hire a graphic designer to design your Facebook banner. After you’ve uploaded your Facebook banner, click on the banner and click on “add a description”.

Your description should be a call to action, such as “visit our website for more information”.

Strategy 2:

The second way to leverage Facebook traffic is by adding a call to action right below your Facebook banner.

Facebook allows you to choose between several calls to action such as “book now” or “learn more”. Simply choose your call to action, and then add the link you want people to get redirected to, when they click on the call to action.

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Strategy 3:

The third way to leverage Facebook traffic is by adding custom tabs. By default, every Facebook page has the tabs “home”, “about” “photos”, “community” and “videos”.

Since these tabs are also prime real estate on your Facebook page, add one for your website. To add Facebook tabs, you can use woobox.com.

After you’ve logged in to Woobox.com, go to “static tabs”, click on “create a new tab” and choose “html fangate tab”. Then, click on “redirect”, add your website link and click on “save”.

Strategy 4:

The fourth way to leverage Facebook traffic is by adding your website URL in the “about” section. To do so, simply click on the “about tab” and add your website url.

Strategy 5:

The fifth way to leverage social media traffic is through your posts. Instead of constantly telling people in your posts to visit your website, which can come across as boring for people, publish quality articles and blog posts on your website and then share the link of the blog post in your Facebook post like shown here:

Remember, people on Facebook are not only looking to be entertained, they’re also looking for more information, and blog posts are a great way to educate people about topics relevant to your industry. If you’re unsure what to blog about, we recommend buzzsumo.com.

A website that tells you all the most popular blog topics in your industry. Simply type in a keyword relevant to your industry, such as “organic farming” and buzzsumo will list all the most popular blog posts around that topic which will give you ideas for your blog posts.

To find out how to get more interactions on your Facebook page thanks to 3 simple banner tips, download this FREE report here.

Strategy 6:

The sixth way to leverage Facebook traffic is by publishing posts when your audience is the most active. To find out when the best time for you to publish posts, go to “insights” which is Facebook’s built in tracking tool.

When you do, you will see all the different posts you have published and the times they were published. Then, you’ll be able to identify at what time your audience seems to engage the most with your posts.

For example, we seem to receive much more organic reach and engagement in the late afternoon.

You can also buy organic traffic online for Facebook, boosting your organic views.

Strategy 7:

The seventh way to leverage Facebook traffic is by using snip.ly

Snip.ly is a link shortener which also allows ads to be displayed on the web page of the shortened link. For example, should you be in the vegan business and you wish to share on social media an article published about veganism, you would simply shorten the link using snip.ly.

Then, when Facebook users would click on the shortened link to read the whole article, your ad would also appear at the bottom of the web page.

Your ad could simply consist of a sentence such as “Download our free app for vegans” and a call to action such as “click here”.

Strategy 8:

The eight way to leverage social media traffic is by including hashtags in your posts. A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a # sign and they enable you to categorize your social media posts.

For example, should you be publishing content relevant to “gluten free recipes”, your post could include the hashtag “#glutenfree or #glutenfreerecipes.

When you do, people looking for specific content will type in the search box hashtags relevant to the topic of their interest, and your post will be listed there.

This will allow you to be discovered by people outside your existing fan base.

Strategy 9:

The ninth way to leverage social media traffic traffic is by including images in your posts. According to Hubspot, posts with relevant images get 94% more views than posts without any.

When adding images, make sure they are eye-catching, use bright colours to stand out in people’s newsfeed, and ideally, are unique and original. Avoid using stock photos as they tend to perform less well.

When adding images to your posts, add your branding and website url too, as images are an added opportunity for you to advertise your website like we have done here:

You can add your branding and website url on images by using canva.com. Alternatively, you can hire a graphic designer.

Strategy 10:

Finally, the tenth way to leverage Facebook traffic is to buy Facebook traffic.

Buy Facebook traffic by investing some of your marketing budget on Facebook ads, as it allows your message to be seen by thousands of people.

There are 2 ways you can buy Facebook traffic, either directly from your Facebook page by clicking on “boost post” or by accessing Facebook’s advertising console https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/creation which will give you many audience targeting options.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video on the 10 Ways to Leverage Facebook Traffic.

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