7 SEO Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales

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Increasing sales for your eCommerce platform can be done effectively through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the increase in online shopping these days, the eCommerce industry is by far a competitive space, with the market size increasing in the past year by over 7%.

The supply and demand for spending are expected to stabilize, but they have already increased substantially. Your business has the opportunity to attract, connect with, and retain customers with SEO to skyrocket your sales. 

However, to do this, your brand needs to develop effective SEO strategies to drive those purchases. The guide below outlines the benefits of these strategies and what each one entails for your business.

Benefits of SEO Strategies for eCommerce

Before jumping into each strategy, you should understand the benefits of doing so for your business. With a solid SEO strategy, you can gain consistent traffic across your site, increase conversion rates, and create a solid online presence. 

SEO optimization increases your website’s chance of appearing during relevant queries by your target audience. Your online presence helps identify where your ideal customers “hang out” so that they recognize and even recommend your brand.

Here are seven innovative SEO strategies that can build customer trust and increase revenue.

Strategy #1: Mobile Friendly Optimization

One of the first things you should do with your SEO strategy is ensure that your eCommerce site is optimized for mobile devices. Our world is dominated by people using their phones, so having a site that is portable is a must.

Google is a good resource that prioritizes its sites as being mobile-friendly, so your eCommerce business can be responsive, load quickly for customers, and allow them to navigate with ease. 

Strategy #2: Product or Service Page Optimization

Your pages on your eCommerce site must be well structured and grab the browser’s attention. To optimize these pages, you must utilize SEO-targeted keywords that fit organically within headlines, descriptions, and titles.

Consider examining your competition’s meta descriptions for their services or products, and see what your marketing team can do to create their own version with specific keywords. Be sure to include precise product or service specifications and high-resolution images for a clear, positive consumer experience.

Strategy #3: High-Quality Content

Informing your audience is necessary to engage them and directly plays into your SEO strategy. The content you provide is a way to attract visitors to your eCommerce store and provide attention for your SEO to climb in rankings.

Invest in articles, guides, and blogs that are directly related to your specific products, services, and industry and incorporate a way for scaling SEO with Shopify. The high-quality content you display for your audience should showcase your business’s value.

Strategy #4:  Keyword Research

The SEO strategy absolutely needs to be comprehensive with the target words used throughout your eCommerce site, so including keyword research will ensure a more prosperous and effective SEO. Relevant and high-traffic searched words that reflect your niche, products, and services must be implemented immediately to ensure you gain more visitors.

Your brand should consider the long-tail keywords to target specific consumer interests and needs. Your eCommerce site will generate more organic traffic with a niched-down keyword tail. Tools that can help include Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find the proper keywords for your SEO.

Strategy #5: Link Building

A helpful strategy you can include to help your eCommerce rank is prioritizing link building. You have some ways to leverage more creative thinking with your link-building, such as including the following:

  • Utilizing guest posts: using experts in SEO for subject writing on your page and offering to those within the industry to write a guest post on your websites in exchange for a backlink is a lucrative way to increase your rank. 
  • Affiliate programs: eCommerce businesses can benefit from an affiliate program where advocates can work to promote your products or services in exchange for commission. These mutually beneficial partnerships are a win-win for both parties and work well for B2B and B2C eCommerce brands.
  • Influencers: Contact influencers that may work to help promote products and services through their own means, such as blogs and videos on social media platforms, websites, and other channels, and encourage their audience to check out your eCommerce business. It widens your outreach to help build traffic with an effective outcome.

Strategy #6: The User Experience

Your users need to have a pleasant and positive experience because it plays a significant role in your SEO. Ensure that your eCommerce site is well-organized with straightforward navigation and complemented by your mobile-friendly setup from strategy number one.

Consider incorporating A/B testing to examine the ease of things like seamless checkout processes and navigating menus, products, and services. The process you provide your consumers can boost your SEO rank and, ultimately, your sales.

Strategy #7: Analyzation

Never create your strategies and leave them to work without regularly monitoring their progress. SEO and the eCommerce field are always changing, so you must stay updated on market trends for SEO analytics and what your customers are looking for to meet demand.

Resources like Google Analytics or Search Console are great for monitoring your eCommerce site’s performance. They allow you to keep track of the data and information, identify where you can make improvements, and adjust your strategies as needed. 

Develop Your SEO Strategy for Success

Now that you’re alert to the techniques, methods, and tactics that can provide success for your eCommerce SEO strategy, it’s time to implement them. Be aware of ways your SEO practices may involve risk so that you can avoid making mistakes. Work with your marketing and SEO teams to create a stellar, innovative plan to skyrocket your eCommerce sales for your business’s best year.

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