Focused On Digital Marketing? Don’t Neglect These Offline Promotional Methods

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As a business, it can be tempting to throw your entire weight into digital marketing in the year 2024. It’s not hard to see why, after all a magazine advertisement might be seen by a fair amount of people, but having the ability to target certain demographics through the smart rectangle they have in their pocket for most of the day? Well, that sounds like a much more preferable option.

But despite us saying that, it’s important to recognize that digital marketing isn’t always the be-all and end-all of promotional methodology. If you’re not careful, you might just place all of your eggs in one basket, which could lead to real issues down the line.

After all, life isn’t solely virtual. We live in a real tangible world, still interact with offline media and promotional methods, and in some ways, pay that more respect. Sure, a company can pay to have their brand logo worn on the shirts of a football player in a video game, but actually sponsoring that season’s kit is going to be much more effective.

So, while digital marketing is great, let’s consider a few promotional methods you might consider on top of that approach:

Networking Events & Conferences

There’s nothing quite as good for seeming like a relevant brand as coming into a conference designed to celebrate your industry. You might give a talk on the relevance of digital marketing concepts if you work in that space, but having a face put to the name of your business, connecting with other brands and attendees, and even having something new or interesting to demonstrate can go a long, long way in defining your brand in the best terms.

Appropriate Signage

Digital marketing is great, but what if you hope to encourage organic walk-ins to your business and its actual tangible location? A Google Maps integration on your website can be a good first step, but showcasing excellent signage that proudly exclaims “we’re here!” could make all the difference. Not only this, but signs give you the chance to flex some of your creative ambition, and help you stand out among many other companies occupying the surrounding space. Signage can also help with the aforementioned networking event, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Vehicle Branding

We tend to think of vehicle branding as being associated with trade services, be that a locksmith’s van or a roofer’s truck. But the truth is any business can benefit from this. You might have seen Red Bull vehicles with the large can designed into the scope of its chassis, or a car designed with letting information for your local student apartment hosting business. Remember that many, many cars are on the road each day, and no one is supposed to be looking at their phones or consuming digital material (outside of radio ads), when focused on the road. Car branding, however, can stand out, and potentially expose you to thousands of pairs of eyes a day (and that’s conservative estimate). You also have the chance to brand with amusement and fun here, which is an underrated benefit of good marketing.

With this advice, you’re certain to supplement all online marketing efforts with more conventional means.

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