7 Best Practices to Use Video Marketing in Customer Success

Video marketing is a powerful tool that has a strong impact on customer buying intentions. According to Wyzowl, 89% of people make buying decisions after they watch a video of a product or service. Many companies are using this method and achieving great accomplishments, especially Software-as-a-Service companies. In today’s article, we will talk about the 7 best ways to use videos in customer success and tips for creating appealing videos.  

Why is video marketing important in customer success? 

Customer success is a critical factor of any business. The main objective of it is to make clients feel satisfied and appreciate the value when using the products or services. It will help the business gain more loyal customers who will refer to their acquaintances and eventually generate more revenue.

2022 was a year that we witnessed the explosion of videos on social media channels like TikTok, Reels (Facebook & Instagram), and Short (YouTube). Video is the current leading advertising format for the customer success of a company. According to some research, there are some exciting statistics below:

  • A landing page containing a video can increase the conversion rate up to 80% 
  • 96% of video marketers say video marketing has increased user understanding of their product or service.
  • Video marketing is also a helping hand for email marketing as it helps increase the CTR (click-through rate) up to 200–300%. 

Video can be applied to any stage in the customer success process to increase brand awareness and brand trust, educate clients, trigger buying decisions, etc. Businesses can use video marketing to access more customers across multiple channels and increase quality sales. 

However, it does not mean you just simply make a video, then it will have a positive impact. You must understand deeply about video marketing, as well as video editing social media so that you will be able to use video for customer success. 

In the next part, we would like to help you achieve your goal by providing some insights about different types of videos and tips to create compelling videos.

7 best ways to use videos for customer success

There are many ways, but we just gather and break down some common ones you can use for reference.

Onboarding videos

Let’s start with the most common type: the onboarding video. We are sure that you are all familiar with this one. It usually starts with a simple phrase like “let’s get started..”, or “let’s have a quick tour of our features”. 

The onboarding video is like overall guidance about your company product. According to video marketing research, 96% of people watch videos to learn more about what a company is serving. Therefore, the customer success video is used for: 

  • Briefing about the features
  • Highlight the value of the product
  • Send a meaningful welcome message to customers 

Moreover, the video can help explain complicated aspects and provide a vivid demonstration that won’t make your customers feel bored, just like when they have to read a long-written product manual. The success of the video is measured by whether it will keep your customer’s interest and increase engagement with your product later on. 

For example, Visily — An AI-powered wireframe tool places an onboarding video on its homepage with a “How it works” intriguing phrase. 

Features tutorials 

You will often see this type of video in SaaS business products like Slack, Canva, Hubspot, etc. As a SaaS product, getting customers to have a knowledge base about the product is a must. To do that, a feature tutorial video is used for creating a comprehensive explanation for each feature for the newcomer.

The video can be presented in many different ways such as charts, slides, graphs, images, animations, and real human presenters. This is a very powerful and effective marketing tool as it helps the customers get the most out of their product, reduces the churn rate, and saves time for customer service support. 

In one case you can refer to Slack. A very famous SaaS product for enterprise communication.  They make a short video with a presenter talking about the feature of their product.

Product update videos

You are working as a marketer and your company is about to release a new product feature. What are you going to do? Follow the traditional way like making a post with images to introduce the product updates. It is not a bad thing to do but obviously, you can heat it by using a video.

You can start with a teasing video with intriguing phrases like “we have something new for you” to trigger the customer’s curiosity. This will catch the customer’s attention and excitement for the upcoming things from your brand. 

Remember, when producing a customer success video, try to follow these rules:

  • The video should be on point and short.
  • People don’t like bland videos, so adding some animations is an option.
  • Your video is for the customers, so don’t make it too complicated. Use clear and straightforward language or images.
  • Have click-to-action (CTA) elements to encourage customers to explore the new feature of the product.

Channable — A feed management solution for businesses regularly use videos for announcing their product update.

FAQs videos 

There will be thousands or millions of customer questions about your product. Providing answers to those questions is a part of customer success, and that is why the FAQs section is founded. To keep it more interesting, you can go to the next level by making FAQ videos for your customer success. 

This type of video in customer success is an effective method to build strong brand trust. By answering all inquiries under an industry expert title, customers see your brand as a reliable source of information. They will keep coming back to your website to find what they are looking for in a product, and later on the decision to buy will be made. 

Example of a FAQs video

Poster’s FAQ Video Covers Top Restaurant Management Queries 

To collect brilliant FAQs for your video, there are two sources that you should give a try. 

  • Firstly, do careful research to get the best FAQs from your customers. It can be done in different ways like taking a survey from your customer services support, product owner staff, etc.
  • Secondly, go on Google or YouTube and search for the questions that have high-volume organic traffics. 

In addition, don’t make the questions too hard or too simple. Plan a decent schedule for publishing videos this way: one week for easy ones, one week for hard ones, and one week for a mix of both. It will make your content more flexible and appealing. 

Troubleshooting videos

When customers are struggling with errors on your product, they usually come to customer service support (CSS). This type of video is a promising alternative and somehow reduces the workload of your CSS. 

The video has the role to demonstrate the error and explain how the customer can troubleshoot it step by step. With a comprehensive video, customers do not have to go through a long phone call with CSS or read a full instruction manual. 

To get the most out of it, try to make a precise and detailed video so that everyone can understand and follow the instructions. 

In the technology industry, the company uses troubleshooting videos to provide solutions to issues.

Case studies video

A case study video is like a narrative story that highlights all the key points of how your product has brought success to the customers. This video aims to build credibility and trust with current and potential customers. 

The video usually features these things: 

  • Build around your customer’s story
  • Showcase the business impact when a customer uses your product
  • Proven track record of success
  • Best practices from your products 
  • Customers’ testimonials

Don’t just build a tedious case study. Try to build an appealing one to make the viewers understand clearly your message through the video. One tip here is to do the shooting with a real customer sharing his/her testimonials. This will make some people find a connection while watching it. 

Magestore interviewed a customer for their sharing how the product helped streamline the process of his company.

Customer advocacy videos

Have you ever heard the term “word-of-mouth” or “referral marketing”? They are old but super effective in promoting your brand. 

Customer advocacy is related to this term. In detail, it is a customer success process of getting your loyal customers to spread out their satisfaction with your brand to attract potential customers. It is very powerful to increase your brand awareness and brand trust.

Many companies are utilizing videos for customer advocacy campaigns. They will collect customer success stories from their real loyal customers. The stories can be many things like testimonials, feedback, experience with the brand, etc. With a careful selection of the most beautiful stories and some video editing, the brand will have solid marketing assets to use in the future. You can edit videos online for your customer advocacy campaigns. 

Fibit showcases their customer success story on their website.

Tips for creating appealing videos for customer success

An excellent customer success video will take your time and effort. It also proves the professionalism of your brand to customers. So how do you make brilliant videos for customer success? There are several types of videos, but we gathered some notes that applied to all the circumstances. 

  1. Content quality 

This is where you invest your resources first. Quality content will deliver value and a strong impression on the customers. When our content writer makes content for videos, we have standards to evaluate the content before using it: 

  • Relevant to customers’ needs and pain points 
  • Simple and professional language
  • Have images, graphs, and stats when talking about a tricky topic
  • Conduct research before writing to make sure that content is 100% accurate
  • Follow the brand’s guidelines 
  1. Video quality

This is an important aspect that determines the success of your video. A low-quality one will make the customers stop watching and won’t perceive any knowledge from your video. It results in a negative customer experience and damages your brand’s love. To deliver the best quality possible, you can follow these standards:

  • The resolution must be at least 1080p or 4k.
  • The video has a proper setting of lighting, otherwise it won’t be clear enough to see. 
  • Detect any audio issues before release. Choose suitable music with the content on the video.
  • Short-formed videos are the current trend so try to make the video less than 2 mins.
  1. Call-to-action (CTA) element 

This element is to navigate the customers to a certain goal of the brand. It increases the conversion rate if you know how to use it the right way. Do not just put it wherever you want, as placing it appropriately is very important. It also needs a good choice of color to make it pop and catch the customer’s attention.


Video will be utilized more than ever in 2023, especially in the customer success of SaaS products. We hope that after this article, you will know some best ways to use videos in customer success and apply them successfully to your business growth.

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