6 Things You Need to Know About Marketing Trends in 2023

Marketing is about being ahead of potential customers’ desires. If marketing managers know the current trends, they will trace their future evolution and create successful promotion campaigns.

It is challenging to catch each motion of the market. This article will focus on the most relevant marketing trends and tips on how marketing managers can benefit from them.

Marketing Through Influencers

Influencer marketing has become viral in 2022, and this trend will continue the following year. Influencers have loyal, pre-established audiences. This audience will engage with products and services more eagerly.

A remarkable feature of 2023 would be marketing through micro-influencers. These people have small audiences – up to tens or hundreds of thousands of followers. Yet, a smaller audience means greater engagement.

Potential clients consider them “regular people,” unlike hard-to-reach celebrities. Therefore, they communicate with the influencers via social media and will more likely engage in the promoted materials.

Besides, micro-influencers are perfect for small-budget marketing campaigns and native advertising. Native advertising is another trend that will gain momentum in 2023. Unlike traditional advertising, which interrupts any other activity, native advertising comes naturally. It goes within the content stream, and the audience reacts to it more positively.

Marketing Technical and Format Trends

SEO optimization remains a relevant trend, even if it is not new. In 2023, SEO optimization will be deeper and more advanced. One of the key trends for SEO optimization is keywords.

Adapting to the evolving landscape, advertising resume writers play a crucial role in ensuring effective SEO optimization strategies in 2023 and beyond.

The right wording can cover more space and attract a more diverse audience. The principle is similar to ATS bots and uses the right keywords in headings, subheadings, and titles. Services like Skill hub have professionals who know how to optimize documents. If a marketing campaign requires an employee of a high rank, the service will help target one.

Blog articles will be a perfect place for product advertisements and native ads. In addition, the Millennials and Gen-Z population read blogs several times a week. Therefore, qualitative content and SEO optimization are a must for a 2023 marketing campaign.

Besides, SEO optimization will include text and video optimization for marketing pages. Compressing videos for faster web loading yet keeping their quality will be one of the vital skills for marketing teams in 2023.

Voice optimization will be less relevant in 2023. There were several attempts on the global market to embed SEO into voice assistants and promote products via them. However, people tend to look for something of interest in an old-fashioned way. They communicate with their voice assistants about everyday tasks.

Marketing campaigns should take into account mobile devices. More and more people are switching to powerful, portable gadgets. Therefore, web pages, blogs, and videos should take into account that the bigger part of the audience uses smartphones,

Short videos

Short videos will be a prevailing format for advertisement in 2023. This is because more and more people join platforms with short videos like:

· Tik Tok

· Reels

· Youtube Shorts

· Snapchat

TikTok will be especially popular. The platform’s audience reaches 1 billion, and the demographics are extremely variable. If a marketing campaign aims to score accomplishments, it would be wise to include Tik Tok in its target platforms.

Communication Between Marketing and Sales teams

Marketing and sales employees’ cooperation is a 2022 trend that will transfer into 2023 as well. A collective study of the audience’s preferences and development of a respective marketing strategy is a cornerstone for a successful marketing campaign.


Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media has become more than a platform for socialization and straightforward promotion. They have evolved into customer service instruments. They are modern means of communication between companies and their clients.

In particular, direct messages proved themselves as an efficient promotion tool. In addition, customers like to communicate with their favorite brands and receive instant feedback. Therefore, creating a strong presence in social media is a beneficial move for 2023 marketing.

Also, customers pay closer attention to companies’ public and private policies. If a company is transparent and clear about its place on the market, the customers will be more likely to buy from it. In addition, if a company includes social issues, such as climate change and the rights of minorities, in its policy, it will attract more customers.

The trend of attitude towards the customers, in general, switches from the Funnel to the Flywheel. The Funnel implies scoring as many customers as possible through tunnel marketing. As soon as they pay for the product, the company leaves them.

The Flywheel approach emphasizes quality of service over the number of customers. In 2023 more companies will try to narrow their customers’ pools but make them long-lasting and grow a more loyal audience. Social media is an integral part of this strategy.


Alternative Ways of Marketing

Digital marketing still takes the primary place in 2023 advertising. Yet, a few other methods can come back in the following year. For example, experiential marketing may become a thing in 2023.

Due to quarantine restrictions in the previous couple of years, experiential marketing had to be cut down. As a result, marketing teams tried to improvise and create digital experiences, exhibitions, and online meetings instead of regular events.

The results were mixed. However, creative and advertising teams have gathered valuable experience. The next year may be perfect for real-life and digital experiential marketing.

VR and AR technologies may take part in marketing as well. The market of VR technology has a lot of room for exploration. However, a marketing team who will find a way to promote efficiently and natively in virtual space will score a jackpot. Experiential marketing of 2023 may be wholly about VR and its possibilities for advertisement.

Bottom Line

Marketing is constantly changing. The trends appear and vanish within months. Therefore, it is vital to recognize which will last longer and how to form the marketing campaigns respectively.

2023 will be a year of short videos, social media, and direct communication. Potential customers prefer to communicate with their favorite brands and influencers directly. Social media are a perfect place for that.

Short videos are the most efficient marketing tool at the moment. However, creative and innovative approaches in experiential advertising may help conquer new markets.

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