How To Get 457 Clicks A Day To Your Website Thanks To Buzzbundle

How To Get 457 Clicks A Day To Your Website Thanks To Buzzbundle

Website traffic is the lifeblood of any web based business and although there are many ways to generate traffic, mastering the key of free, targeted traffic generation is key.

Since the standard conversion rate for websites is around 1%, in order to be able to rely on your online presence to bring you a steady flow of customers and sales, 400 clicks a day should be the goal of any web business owner.

400 clicks a day from paid traffic sources can soon become quite costly considering that clicks can now cost up to $10 each. Therefore, social networking apps such as Buzzbundle can be quite handy.

Buzzbundle is a social media app that allows you to monitor keyword-based conversations happening on blogs, social networks, video sharing sites, forums and Q&A sites all from one single dashboard. Thanks to buzz bundle, you can easily answer enquiries published on the web related to your niche, and more specifically, enquiries which include your main keyword(s) of interest.

For example, should you be in the fitness industry, and own a product that allows people to boost their metabolism, you can simply type in Buzzbundle, “boost my metabolism” and wait for all the posts published on the web which include your keyword to appear on the dashboard.

Thanks to this social media app, you can simply respond to all these questions and start building relationships with a group of laser targeted people, while pointing to your website should they require additional information.

Social media apps such as buzz bundle, if used consistently can become one of your main sources of laser targeted free traffic and can allow you to position yourself as an expert much faster.

To find out more about buzzbundle and follow the detailed buzzbundle review, make sure to watch the video above.

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