Reasons to Use Animation in Your Marketing Content

There are good reasons brands choose animation in their marketing content. Animation is timeless and compelling, it’s good for explaining concepts and products, and it can be imaginative. 

Some of the most common reasons that companies use animation in their projects specifically include advertising, product launches, education, and social media content. 

Below, we delve more into the particular reasons you should consider using animation in your marketing content. 

Convey Complex Concepts in Simple Ways

One of the primary reasons that you might consider using video in your marketing and advertising content is because it provides an excellent route to deliver complex information in simple ways. 

If you want to build a connection and show your audience how a product or service works, animation can help you achieve that. 

You can take very complex ideas and break them down into simpler and more digestible concepts. 

It could even be that you’re using animation to explain things that you couldn’t necessarily explain with words, but you instead need to show things that you can’t film. 

When your script is well done, and the animation supports it, it becomes a relatable way to convey concepts to your audience. 

Everyone takes in concepts and information in unique ways, and animation also helps you to appeal more broadly to your audience. 


When you use animation in your marketing videos, you are creating something timeless. Live-action videos can become dated quickly, whereas animation is much less likely to feel stale or old, or at least it will take longer for that to happen. 


Animation-based marketing videos are cost-effective. They’re cheaper to produce compared to other types of videos. If you use live-action, you’re going to have a lot of expenses that go along with it, including the cost to rent a location, actors, props, production time, post-production, and the list goes on and on. Even just editing or tweaking the content after the fact can become expensive. 

With an animation video, you’re cutting out a lot of these things. You work with a design agency, and you give them your creative input, and that’s really it. 

You can manage even small details up to the last minute, which isn’t an option with a live-action video. In a live video, you often have to stay with the decisions that you made before shooting because making changes would be costly. 

With an animated video, it’s not a big deal to make a change in most cases. 


Consumers are constantly bombarded with content online. They’re going to want to weed through everything being presented to them and choose content that’s informative, easy to consume, and simple. Animation meets all those criteria. It’s more appealing to someone to watch a simple animated video than to read long chunks of text by comparison. 

Vision is our main sense, and most people learn visually. 

Research shows viewers retain around 95% of the messages they learn through video, compared to 10% when they read it in written form. 

Along with your animated video content resonating more with your audience, these videos are more inherently sharable. They’re quick and fun. 

Customizable and Flexible

If you’re creating content for a particular audience, you want to make sure your message is clear. When you’re creating branded marketing videos, you can start to home in on buyer personas and develop highly tailored content, but you don’t have multiple shoots or a long, expensive production schedule to deal with. 

You might just change the color scheme on the animation, and then it’s ready to reach another audience. You could also change one graphic and get the outcome you’re after, and you don’t have to bring an entire film crew back together for a reshoot. 

You also have a lot of flexibility. You can have your content be simple, complex, or anything in between. Animation is highly flexible and customizable not only to your audience but to your budget. 

If you’re incredibly budget-conscious, maybe you’re going to focus on a simple video with basic illustrations and dynamic text. If you, by contrast, have a larger budget, maybe you’re getting more complex with your animation. 

Whatever you want to do is within reach with animation. 

When you’re thinking about animation videos as part of your marketing strategy, make sure you know your audience well. People expect marketing content to be tailored to their needs and interests at this point, so for success, knowing your audience inside and out is going to help you deliver what’s going to best resonate with them.

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