Top B2B Sales Strategy from Leads to Deals

Using the right strategies in your B2B business is what makes it flourish. You have to give reasons to your audience about why they should buy from you. It helps increase your brand value. There are plenty of ways to generate leads and close deals. But it is you who knows the best about what works for your business and what does not. Here we have come up with a set of top b2b sales techniques that will take you from leads to deals. Let’s get started. 

Empower the salespeople – Sales team needs to know who is their target audience, how they can win their hearts, and what they want to achieve. Empowering sales teams have the power that can make the whole team outperform the competition and grow leaps and bounds. 

Your B2B sales strategy should understand the needs of the customers and effectively address them. Empowering salespeople help to attract more customers. Every employee of the sales team is equipped with different individual skills and competencies. And if the whole team has strong expertise, your company is ready to make customers feel valued. 

Don’t forget to take follow up – No wonder sales professionals want to build long-term relationships with the audience to nurture leads, but do you know what they miss out on? Taking follow-ups. And the biggest reason for not taking follow-ups is due to fear of rejection or lack of sales automation. You will be surprised to know that there are nearly 44% of salespeople give up after just one attempt. And only 8% of sales professionals take follow up more than five times. 

There are high chances that your prospects haven’t even paid attention to your offer right away. That’s why you need to stay in touch with them and follow up consistently. You have to stay at the top of their minds. Start off with the right research and use the cold-emailing strategy to send them emails. Keep the points clear. This helps in making them contact you whenever they need your product, even if they don’t need it right now. So, don’t give up too soon because it takes time to make the final sale.

Talk less, listen more – Many sales professionals are guilty of the fact that they push buyers too hard in the early stages of business. It doesn’t work like that in B2B. However, it may work in B2C. You don’t have to explain everything on the call. Put in some effort to make the prospects feel heard and seen. 

Complement the perspectives of the potential customers. Collect the facts, do deep research across the industry you are dealing with, and make your audience feel that you know the best about your business. Listen to their answers. Active listening forms a vital part of B2B sales strategy. When you listen carefully, you can ask fruitful questions resulting in better conversations. 

Engage and prioritize your existing customers – Before working towards attracting new customers, don’t forget the old ones. Many times highest customer engagement comes from selling new features or products to existing customers. Prioritizing them reduces the cost of acquisition and strengthens the partnerships. Check your existing database to find out what more you can do for them. 

Maintain contact with your old customers and schedule frequent calls with them. Ask them about what are their views on using your product, what new features they would like to have in that product, and what are the problems they are looking to solve. You can use this data to retarget them and also to sell your product or services to new prospects. Whatever you decide, don’t miss out on your existing customers because doing that means the battle is half won. 

Alignment of sales and marketing team – One of the biggest B2B sales strategies that take you from leads to deals is aligning your sales and marketing team. The two teams share a complementary relationship here. The marketing team works on customer acquisition strategies. While the sales team put their best foot forward in retaining the customers plus revenue generation tactics. 

The best way to crack more deals is by aligning the sales and objectives of both sales and marketing teams. The ultimate aim of both teams is to make as highest revenue as possible. So align their goals and objectives and keep an open line of communication between them. 

Make the most out of social media – Not using social media in this age of advancement is the biggest blunder you could be making in your business to reach a wider audience. Every B2B company has social media strategies to nurture leads. And for that, you need to have an understanding of what kind of people are visiting your company’s website. 

You can use tools like social media activity log to form a deeper connection with your customers and maximize sales opportunities. It will help build trustworthy relationships with your target audience and hence close more deals. 


B2B sales are no longer about waiting for your potential customers to come to you. You need to follow a proactive approach to reach your audience and address their needs. In this way, you will succeed in building stronger business relationships with your buyers and become the king of modern B2B sales. 

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