How To Create A Successful Social Media Competition

How To Create A Successful Social Media Competition

It is no longer enough to have a large social media audience. In order to fully experience the benefits of having a social media presence, your audience has to remain engaged.

Social media competitions which are a way of inviting people to follow a certain call to action in exchange for a reward are a very effective way to not only increase engagement, but also enhance your online presence and build a big list.

The first step before setting up a social media competition is deciding on a goal. Goals can vary from business to business, but usually involve:

• Audience building
• Enquiries
• Website traffic
• Brand awareness
• Database building
• Increase engagement
• Word-of-mouth marketing
• Enquiries

The second step is deciding on the giveaway. In order for people to happily participate in a social media contest, the offer has to be appealing, unique, have high perceived value, be difficult to acquire outside the competition and relevant to your business. Giveaways that are irrelevant to your business will only attract people wanting the item being offered, and not turn into a lead or customer.

It is also important to set a deadline for the competition. A contest should never drag for too long, but should give you enough time to achieve the desired outcome. Setting a 2-week deadline to participate for example, will increase the sense of urgency, and therefore increase the number of participants. Where and when the winner will be announced is also important to emphasize. Too many contests fail to announce the winner or winners publicly, and therefore all the momentum built during the competition fades away.

Lastly, the rules of your competition should be stated clearly and should include the following:

1) How to enter the competition
2) When the competition starts and when it ends
3) A description of the prize
4) Where and when the winner will be announced
5) The selection criteria for the winner
6) Who is not eligible to enter the competition (optional)

It is important not to go overboard with rules and make it difficult for contestants to participate as this can turn people away and create the opposite effect. Rules should be easy to understand and even easier to follow. Single calls-to-action such as “submit a picture” for competitions perform better than listing various tasks to execute in order to be eligible.

The key when planning a social media contest is to be creative. The more unique and original your social media competitions are and the more unique and valuable your giveaway is, the more likely you are to experience your desired outcome.

To come up with social media contest ideas, you can either survey your audience by asking them which contests they have participated in, and why. Alternatively, you can monitor brands who run social media contests regularly and who attract a similar audience as yours.

Corona’s contest is the shining example of creativity. Their competition which involved giving the opportunity to anyone who liked their page to have their picture shown on a billboard in Times Square became a big success. Not only is the prize unique and hard to acquire outside the competition, it also appealed to their target market.

Once your social media competition has been carefully planned with the end goal in mind, choose among the different tools available such as or to put it together and manage the entries.

To find out more about social media marketing and discover more social media tips, make sure to watch the video above.
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