How to to maximize your chances of turning social media into a consistent traffic and lead source while increasing brand awareness with little to no effort

Click on the “Secure my copy” tab now because you can order your comprehensive, customized social media strategic plan for only $295 AUD instead of $495.

Hi, Corinna Essa here and…

If you struggle to come up with unique, eye catching and engaging social media posts…

If it’s a challenge for you to publish content across all your social media profiles consistently.

If your audience growth has stagnated no matter what you try.

If you feel that your social media marketing efforts are just a waste of time because it doesn’t help your business grow further…

If you can’t afford the fees social media marketing agencies charge to do it for you.

Then what I’m about to announce is ideal for small business owners looking to maximize their chances of turning social media into a consistent traffic and lead source while increasing brand awareness with little to no effort.

You see, most people are intimidated by social media. They don’t know what to post, when to post it, let alone how to use it for marketing without coming across as cheesy or desperate.

But there’s a new, much more effective way to market on social media to get you predictable results daily without having to become a social media expert. This method puts the power back in the hands of people who until now have been unable to manage their social media presence consistently and effectively.

A simple, yet very effective method businesses use to stand out from all the noise on social media, generate traffic, create brand loyalty and secure highly qualified leads daily.

And all it is, is a social media strategic plan.

That what businesses who are successfully using social media to market themselves have in common. They don’t do anything on social media until they have a social media strategic plan.

A social media strategic plan is simply a summary of everything you plan to do on social media over several months to achieve the specific business goals you set.

Thanks to a social media strategic plan you’ll be able to:

Be more consistent on social media and therefore enjoy more consistent results

Remove the guess work out of social media because you’ll know what to do, when to do it, and more importantly why you’re doing it

Have a better understanding of whether you’re succeeding or failing

Turn every post and engagement on social media into actions that serve a purpose

Maintain a voice and style that is consistent with your business values

Finally have a sense of direction rather than performing actions randomly and sporadically

Forecast your results more accurately

Increase your marketing efficiency and become more competitive while growing your market share and profitability

Avoid wasting time and money on social media actions that bring you little to no results

More importantly, be able to complete goals faster than you thought was possible

So if you have social media profiles for your business but don’t have a social media strategic plan you’re basically sabotaging yourself.

You see, for the past 7 years, we’ve been running social media campaigns for ourselves and various small businesses and generating substantial returns. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’ve run campaigns for people such as Pat Mesiti, Allan Pease, Harry Dent just to name a few.

And we never run any social media marketing campaigns without putting together a strategic plan together first. That way, we know what to do and when to do it instead of spinning our wheels, wondering what our next steps should be.

Yet you know what?

99% of businesses don’t put together social media strategic plans together. Instead, they post random posts at random times for no particular reason. Or worse, don’t post anything for weeks, even months and their social media presence is not monitored or managed at all. Then when they do login, it’s just to promote something which turns their audience off.

Or, in some businesses, social media tasks get passed on from one person to another who is not necessarily qualified and there is no brand consistency and as a result the business suffers. Instead of social media contributing to business growth, it actually damages the business’s reputation

So would you like to know how to finally have a social media strategic plan that helps you post consistently unique, eye catching and engaging social media posts?

A social media strategic plan that allows you to stand out from all the noise and experience a growth in audience size?

A social media strategic plan that allows you to achieve your marketing goals faster and have a consistent flow of traffic and leads without spending thousands of dollars or worse, spending countless hours?

Well, the good news is that for a limited time, we are offering the opportunity to businesses who until now have struggled to put together a social media strategic plan, let alone execute one, to have it done for them. That’s right, to remove all the guess work from putting together a social media strategic plan yourself we’re offering for a limited time to create one for you based on where you’re at on social media and aligned with your business goals. A strategic plan completely customized based on your needs.

Which means, you’ll receive a clear step-by-step plan, on what to do and when to do it so you or anyone else for that matter can easily execute it, even if you’re a complete beginner.

So if you’re quick and a fast decision maker, then welcome to the Social Media Strategic Plan done-for-you opportunity.

And let me be very, very clear. Only people who purchase access to the Social Media Strategic Plan done-for-you will discover the step-by-step strategies to leverage the power of social media and experience a consistent flow of traffic and leads. Our proven formula for putting together effective social media strategic plans has only been developed, tested and used by us. You won’t come across such an opportunity to have a detailed strategic plan customized based on your business needs, anywhere else.

So why are we offering this opportunity?

Well first because it’s the right thing to do. Creating a social media strategic plan is one of the most important aspects of marketing on social media. Having a strategic plan helps you save a lot of time and potentially a lot of money, because you will only be performing tasks on social media that bring you closer to completing your business goals.

The second reason we’re offering this unique opportunity is because our Australian based social media marketing agency specialises in helping businesses improve their brand awareness, increase word of mouth marketing, increase customer loyalty, grow audience reach and influence as well as attract leads.

And we know that if we can help you generate more business faster thanks to having a social media strategic plan and sharing with you our company’s most important pieces of research and knowledge, you might become a raving fan and a loyal client over the long term.

There’s another reason why we’ve agreed to reveal our system.

We know that rather than TELLING you about our work… the best thing we can do is simply SHOW you what we do.

Remember, thanks to the social media strategic plan we put together for you, you will be able to transform your social media presence into a source of traffic and leads and stop performing actions that waste your time, waste your money or worse, damage your reputation.

Once you receive your customized social media strategic plan in a few days from now,

here’s just a fraction of what will happen for you:

You’ll discover the costly mistakes to avoid for your business

You’ll discover how to maintain a consistent voice on social media that reflects your business’s values

You’ll be able to have anyone from your team execute it because it will be laid out in such a simple step-by-step way, that anyone will be able to take over your social media marketing and free up your time

You’ll be able to complete your goals much faster and turn social media into a system that grows your brand, generates traffic and attracts leads

You’ll know how you stack up against competitors and the opportunities there are for you to stay ahead of them

You’ll discover our strategies for building an engaged audience without looking desperate or unprofessional

You’ll be able to remain more focused and quickly identify what needs to be done to your business to make it more successful.

You’ll gain insights that will help you grow your business

Bottom line is, a social media strategic plan can mean the difference between your business experiencing consistent results fast on a daily basis and wasting time and money and no traffic and leads generated.

Pretty amazing right?

That’s why you need to secure your copy of your very own comprehensive social media strategic plan.
Now if you know anything about us or have followed any of our trainings, then you know we never hold back information and share how to do everything, step by step.

That way you can literally execute your strategic plan straight away.

We promise you will be simply blown away by what’s possible when you receive your very own customized strategic plan.

If you’ve been waiting to leverage the power of social media to lower your marketing costs, generate traffic and leads consistently, then this opportunity is for you.

Can you imagine if you were getting hundreds if not thousands of clicks to your website a week? 30 or more leads a day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to remove all the guesswork of social media and turn your social media presence into the shining example of success?

The social media strategic plan we will put together for you will literally be impossible to get from someone else.

First, Because it’s a system we’ve developed ourselves after 7 years of putting them together for our own businesses and our clients’ businesses


The people who do offer to put social media strategic plans together charge an arm and a leg in order to do it.

So instead of spending hours trying to put together a strategic plan or paying thousands to other people to do it for you, you can save a lot of money by ordering your very own strategic plan from us.

Which means you won’t pay thousands of dollars.

You won’t even pay $1000.

And here’s why. First, because as I said, our social media company offers done-for-you services so we’re hoping you’re so delighted by what we do for you, you become a loyal client of ours.

Secondly, because it’s a great opportunity for us to demonstrate that the services our company provides actually work. And the more people implement our strategies, the more proof we have, and proof means more customers.

So in order to do that, we’re willing to invest in YOU.

Which means, you get a discount. And hopefully, we get to use you as a glowing testimonial in a few weeks from now.

Click on the “Secure my copy” tab now because you can order your comprehensive, customized social media strategic plan for only $295 AUD instead of $495.

So if you want to discover at last how to get a consistent return on investment from social media efforts even if you’re a complete beginner, then secure your copy now.

But to make your decision much easier, you can relax knowing you haven’t just invested in a system that could potentially transform your business overnight because this offer is backed by our 100% no questions-asked, 14-day money back guarantee.

You simply won't find a more hands-on, effective, total approach to getting help with using social media to market your business effectively for the next 12months.

Don't procrastinate...

Don't "bookmark this page to come back later"...

OR, if you're still not sure...

Avoid the paralysis of procrastination by taking full advantage of the Guarantee!

So order your copy now, you’ll be glad you did.

If you don’t learn what we know works, you’ll miss out. And that could cost you a lot of money and worst, a lot of time.

I know the price for this comprehensive social media strategic plan is very affordable. In fact, it pays for itself. And you don’t have any financial excuse not to secure a copy. Just implementing one secret we share, can pay for it 10 times over.

So if you seriously want to start getting higher returns on investment from your social media efforts, if you want to cut your marketing expenses by half, if you’ve been spinning your wheels when it comes to social media marketing, then make sure you secure your copy now.

PLUS, to reward you for taking action, we’re also including 3 amazing bonuses.

  • First, you’ll receive 12 months of email and phone support. That’s right, after receiving your copy of your social media strategic plan you can email us or schedule a call with me for up to 12 months for any questions you may have or any help you may need. This is easily valued at $500.
  • Then, you’ll also receive a video audit of your accounts that I will personally record for you. I’ll personally go through your social media accounts and record myself as I share with you some insights on how to improve what you already have, the opportunities you can take advantage of, what you should watch out for, and much, much more. I value this at $400.

  • The third bonus is access to our branding team for free. That’s right, you can have our branding team create any social media banner you need, so you don’t have to hire anyone or spend hours trying to put something together yourself that could look unprofessional. Instead, you have access to my experienced branding team who will create any graphics, logos, banners, or images for your social media so you come across as professional, your branding is consistent across all your touch points and you save countless hours and thousands of dollars. This is valued at $500.

So by now you’ve probably realised that by securing your copy of a customised social media strategic plan, you’ll have everything you need to get up to speed.

So this is your opportunity. Make a decision right now. You need to act quickly. It’s going to be one of the best investments you make this year. Click on the ‘secure my copy’ tab right now and I’ll see you soon.

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