How To Easily Come Up With Social Media Content Ideas

How To Easily Come Up With Social Media Content Ideas

Since social networks are micro blogging platforms, emphasis should mainly be put on content. Not only focusing on the frequency of posts, but their quality and relevance.

Although social media content tends to be short, often times people can experience writer’s block.

In the video below you will discover social media tips on how to easily come up with social media content ideas.

Remember that people who follow you on social media are after information relevant to your industry. For example, should you be in the “organic farming” industry, ensure your content always or as often as possible, relates to that topic and avoid publishing information that is not directly or indirectly linked to it.

Coming up with social media ideas is easy when using tools such as Google alerts. Google alerts is a tool that allows you to receive email notification when information related to your industry has been published on the web. This tool also allows you to decide on the frequency of these email notifications.
An added benefit of receiving alerts, is that you will be sharing fresh information most likely before other people do and avoid the trap of simply rehashing dated information.

Another useful tool to use to come up with quality social media content ideas is Buzzsumo allows you to see which posts relevant to your industry have received the most post engagement. By simply typing in Buzzsumo’s search engine a keyword relevant to your industry such as “organic farming” will allow you to see which type of content is most likely to have an impact on your audience before posting on social media.

Remember, the best social media tips to follow when it comes to social media content ideas, is to always put priority on quality rather than quantity. Posting on social media should be an enjoyable process for you while simultaneously ensuring you are sharing content that is informative or entertaining as well as relevant.

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  1. Joquim

    An insightful post full of ideas for when you feel like you’re going stale especially when you’ve been doing the social media thing day in and day out for years!

    • Corinna Essa

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!


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